Outdoor Freedom Network (OFN) was established by Terry and Connie Sympson at Jackson Hill Marina in 2007 to create opportunities for Veterans and their families to enjoy the great outdoors on Lake Sam Rayburn in Deep East Texas.

OFN does this by organizing, supporting, and promoting outdoor recreational therapy through our Patriots Challenge Program. Focusing attention on our Combat Veterans, and those under medical care for physical wounds, trauma, and depression recovery. 

We had no idea of the power that access to the outdoors and especially fishing would have on the healing process, but we found out quickly and have been blessed to witness Mother Nature's nurturing embrace and healing for those who have suffered trauma at war and at home. Since then OFN has started and operates many programs, some of which include:

OFN was honored to receive the American Legion's "Enhancing the Lives of the Disabled" National Award in 2015, and the State of Texas Award in 2016.

Our guiding mission statement is simply: " We cannot all do great things, we can all do small things with great love".

Outdoor Freedom Network Inc

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 46-4327031