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Protect Thacker Pass

Thacker Pass (called "Peehee Mu'huh" in Paiute) is threatened by an open-pit lithium mine under construction now. Help us protect this critical wildlife habitat and sacred land! No to Mining, Yes to Life!


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Organized by Deep Green Resistance


After years of fighting, we've spent almost every dollar we've raised so far, and we expect significant continuing costs. Every donation matters. 

Protect Thacker Pass is an independent, grassroots collective resisting the planned Thacker Pass lithium mine in Northern Nevada. This place, which is called Peehee Mu’huh in the Paiute language, is sacred land to indigenous people, is critical wildlife habitat, and is important to local communities. We work in solidarity with Tribal nations, environmentalists, farmers, and ranchers who are also fighting this project.

Why We Need Your Support

Our multi-year resistance at Thacker Pass has helped catalyze a growing global movement to expose and combat greenwashing. But this is just the beginning. We expect this fight to continue for a long time.

Your donations make our work possible. Our funding comes 100% from grassroots donors like you, and we don't waste money on fancy offices or administrative costs. Your donations go directly toward supporting:

1. The ongoing legal fights
2. Our on-the-ground presence
3. Communicating with the public and the media

History of the Fight

Our fight to Protect Thacker Pass began on January 15th 2021, when we set up a protest camp on the site of the proposed mine. Our protection camp was in place for 10 months before the Federal Government targeted co-founders Max Wilbert and Will Falk with $49,890.13 in fines for providing "illegal" bathrooms to Native American elders participating in ceremonies and cultural activities at Thacker Pass. We're still in the process of contesting these illegal, immoral fines.

The protection camp is no longer in place, but the fight goes on. We continue to maintain as much on-the-ground presence as possible to monitor what is happening at Thacker Pass. Meanwhile, Will Falk is representing the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony in a lawsuit in Federal Court alongside other tribes, environmental groups, and local ecological rancher Ed Bartell.

The battle is being waged in the legal realm for now, but we don't expect it to remain there for long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't electric cars sustainable and important for fighting climate change?

No. See: https://www.protectthackerpass...

Do you support fossil fuels?

No. Both fossil fuel extraction and burning and lithium mining contribute to our ecological crisis. See: https://www.protectthackerpass...

Why is Thacker Pass important to indigenous people?

Thacker Pass, or Peehee Mu'huh, is sacred to regional indigenous people because of a long history of ancestral use and ongoing use for hunting, gathering, and ceremonies, because of the presence of ancient artifacts and campsites, and because of the role that this location played in regional indigenous history. See: https://www.protectthackerpass...

What would be the environmental impacts of the mine?

See: https://www.protectthackerpass...

What wildlife lives in Thacker Pass?

Hundreds of species live in Thacker Pass. A small sampling can be found here: https://www.sierranevadaally.o...

How can I get involved?

Can I donate via check?

Yes! https://www.protectthackerpass...


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