Sponsor a Child at the Tarkwa Breman Girls' School

With $450 you can ensure that one girl child out of the 240 currently enrolled at Tarkwa Breman Girls' School (TBGS) has access to education for a year. PLEASE SEE ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO DONATE, INCLUDING "MOBILE MONEY", BELOW.


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In 2016, Cocoa360 established the Tarkwa Breman Girls’ School (TBGS), a primary school that allows parents to volunteer on our community cocoa farm in exchange for tuition-free education for their daughters. TBGS currently has 240 students enrolled from Nursery 1 to Class 4, with a new class of 30 girls enrolled each year.

However, the cost barrier to education goes beyond tuition. We need your partnership to continue bringing quality education to the 8 communities we serve including Tarkwa Breman as we expand the number of students we reach each year. 

The cost of sending a student to TBGS for one year is $450 or 2,587 GHC. That means it costs just $37.5 or 217.5 GHC a month to empower a student with education. This investment will create long-term impacts on the health and wellbeing of families in Tarkwa Breman and the surrounding communities.

Other Ways to Donate

1. Mobile Money -

(MTN): 0247140112
Name on Account: Tarkwa Breman Community Alliance

2. Check/Cheque Pick-up -

Our development team will be more than happy to pick up a check directly from you. 

Contact Person: Cleopatra Ogharadukun (Development Lead) 020 680 7559; [email protected]

3. Local bank account -
Name of Bank: Prudential Bank Ltd
Branch: RRC Branch
GHS Account number: 0092913650019
USD Account Number: 0092913650028
Beneficiary: Tarkwa Breman Community Alliance

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42 supporters

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