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A Practice-Focused Science Education Research Journal


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The Cuvette: An Open Access Science Education Journal

Our Mission

The Cuvette provides an open platform for educators, researchers, and innovators to share insights on transforming science education. We aim to build an engaged community focused on:

  • Student-centered, inquiry-based learning
  • Phenomenon-driven instruction
  • Equity, inclusion, and social justice
  • Challenging academic conventions

Core Principles

We organize our practices into five categories representing five principles. These principles assert that innovations in science education should be:

  1. Ethically sourced - collected & distributed without exploiting leaders in science education & their intellectual property, institutions, or discipline.
  2. Openly available - obtainable without barriers, accessibly written, & available in multiple languages.
  3. Practitioner-inclusive - ensuring practitioners definedĀ are supported in writing, reviewing, & implementing advancements.
  4. Diversely published - broadening impact by promoting variety in the publication media, types, & routes.
  5. Technologically relevant - implementing modern tools & resources to improve writing, dissemination, and readability.

To learn more about our principles and practices, click here to read an editorial published by the editorial board.

Our Goals

Funding Target: $75,000

We aim to use donations to:

  • Pay designers and artists to create engaging graphics and illustrations ($25,000),
  • Launch a podcast to share author insights ($15,000),
  • Keep the journal accessible for authors to submit and publish ($20,000),
  • Keep the journal entirely open access for readers ($15,000).

With your support, we can provide an equitable platform to reimagine science education collectively.

Get Involved

  • Submit your work for open peer review
  • Join the reviewer community
  • Follow and share articles
  • Provide feedback and suggestions
  • Collaborate on special issues

Let's work together to reform science education through open, equitable access to knowledge. Submit your work atĀ TheCuvette.org.


Share Fundraiser


0 Supporters

0% of $15,000 goal

Cuvette Collective