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The Daily Californian is an independent student-run newsroom that is the paper of record for the University of California at Berkeley and the city of Berkeley. For nearly 150 years we have prepared about 300 students annually in the fields of journalism, business and other professional fields. Although we play a vital role on campus and we are the key journalism training ground for undergraduate students, we do not receive university funding.  Over the years we have garnered dozens of awards at the regional and national level for our comprehensive and high-quality coverage of UC Berkeley, the city of Berkeley and the entire UC system. Our alumni fill newsrooms across the country at places such as The New York TimesThe Washington PostLos Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle to name a few.

Like newsrooms across the nation the Daily Cal is struggling financially. Advertising revenue which makes up 40% of our budget has dropped significantly. We need your support to stay afloat. Please help us so that we can continue as a critical news source to the Berkeley community and so we can continue to train the next generation of journalists.

The Daily Californian Educational Foundation – Federal Tax ID #94-3110529   

Established in 1991 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Daily Californian Education Foundation was created to support the growth, advancement and training of college journalists at The Daily Californian. By supplying much-needed operational costs, the foundation has allowed The Daily Californian to provide relevant and important news to the Berkeley community.


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The Daily Cal has been publishing for 149 years. Like most local papers, it's fighting for its life. Don't let it die. You'll feel so good if you give. Thanks from all of us who love The Daily Californian!

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