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Provide Humanitarian Aid for Ukrainians *INSIDE* the Country

Urgent need for medical supplies, food, tents, etc! Help now.


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About the Project

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Foundation for Equity and Justice has focused attention on procuring and delivering humanitarian aid from Poland into Ukraine in support of the growing needs among those injured, displaced, and trying to flee the country, as well as hospitals. The global relief NGOs aren't fully set up yet or in a position to deliver aid into Ukraine, so we are filling this gap. Our team members are now in Poland, coordinating with partners to transfer aid across the border. So far, in collaboration with the US-Ukrainian company, Energy Resources of Ukraine, we have delivered more than $2 million of medicines, diapers, baby food, tents, etc.

​As we continue to work to purchase and deliver relief aid to Ukraine, time is of the essence. We are seeking financial support from corporations, foundations, and individual donors. All donations to our foundation, which is a private, registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN: 85-4105257), are fully tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

Our Story

Eight years ago, Dale Perry, from Bainbridge Island, WA, and his Ukranian partner started Energy Resources of Ukraine. While it is an American company, all employees, except for Dale, are Ukrainian.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, on Feb. 27, Dale flew to the Kroscienko border checkpoint in Poland to meet the handful of his employees who were able to leave the country. These employees shared how harrowing the border crossing experience was, detailing the thousands of women and children waiting for days on end in freezing temperatures with no food, shelters, diapers, etc. On the Polish side of the border, people were opening their homes, giving rides and aid to the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees. But those on the Ukrainian side were left to fend for themselves.

Dale, his partner, and the five employees who’d made it to Poland began to buy supplies, which included sleeping bags, air mattresses, food, diapers, and medical kits. They found a company that had the products, people that had the vehicles, took the goods to the border, and transferred them to his partner who was still in Ukraine. His partner then worked with people inside of Ukraine to get the goods distributed to those waiting to cross the border. Since then, they have broadened their reach to deliver aid across Ukraine.

​They jumped into action, doing what global aid nongovernmental organizations weren’t able to do so quickly.

So far, Dale and his partner have spent more than $2 million of their own money on the effort. We are kindly asking for donations to help fill the additional needs. Our work has no administrative costs, so donations go directly toward immediate relief to people in Ukraine.

Please consider giving whatever you are able to clicking the "Donate Aid Now" button. Thank you.

Note on overhead/fees:

Every dollar donated into the Foundation account goes directly to purchasing and delivering aid. If the donation is made via credit card, there is a processing fee (we offer a direct bank account transfer option, “Pay with ACH”, and a pay by check option, both of which carry no processing fee), but every dollar that hits our account is used only for purchasing and delivering aid. If you see unintended additional charges on your donation, ensure that you are not accidentally tipping the campaign platform. In the "Add a tip to support Givebutter", select "Other" to avoid tipping the platform.

There is a 2% currency exchange charge that is accrued during purchasing of goods in Poland, but Dale & his Ukrainian business partner are donating the amount needed to cover that 2% cost, so that no donations are spent on currency transfer fees. There are no other overhead costs accrued.

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About the Foundation for Equity and Justice

The mission of the Foundation of Equity and Justice is to “support small & medium grass-root organizations that, in turn, focus on designing and implementing corrective solutions to historic inequities and injustices in the areas of economics, education, race, healthcare and the environment, with the target organizations and causes being both domestic and international”. All donations through this campaign will be directed to Ukrainian aid.

EIN: #85-4105257

Address: 217 Cedar St. #57, Sandpoint, ID 83864

Contact Name: Dale Perry



Share Fundraiser

Campaign Ended


1.7k Supporters

82% of $1,000,000 goal

Foundation for Equity and Justice

A 501(c)(3) Private Non-Operating Foundation

EIN 85-4105257