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We love local news and we believe it is essential now more than ever.

The Journal Opinion is an independently owned, community weekly newspaper. Since we first started publishing in 1865, the newspaper’s name has changed. The people working under the banner have too.

But one thing has remained constant: We are the weekly source of local news for over 15 towns in the Upper Connecticut River Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire.

We report on local governments, business, arts, schools, and sports. We are a chronicle of the people and places that form the community we call home. But like at many newspapers across the country, our business model used to tell those stories no longer works.

To be sure, we still have tremendous support from local businesses.

Prior to the pandemic, we published honor rolls highlighting student achievement from a dozen area schools four times per year. Local small businesses just like us sponsored these pages. In June, we published senior pictures for the five local graduating high school classes. We could not have done that without our sponsors.

But the pandemic is as much a financial challenge for them as it is for us. Even as they reopen after months of dormancy for some, many local businesses are in no position to advertise. The loss of advertising revenue threatens our very existence and we cannot continue to rely on that support.

To help bridge the gap, we are turning to our readers. What can you do?

As always, you can subscribe or buy a gift subscription by calling us at (802) 222-5281 or at our website You can also advertise. You can place an ad celebrating family or accomplishments.

Now, we offer a new element to support your local newspaper. We are asking for tax-deductible donations to the Local Community News Fund of New England. With your support we can continue to publish and bring back some of the regular features such as town news columns and select board minutes that have been lost due to the pandemic. We hope to bring these back to our pages in the near future.

The staff of the Journal Opinion is small, and we rely on freelance reporters and photographers to help us cover a large geographic area. We also have two columnists that alternate weeks, and a former history teacher who does a column once a month highlighting life in this area from days gone by.

Your donations will continue to provide the “Good Local News!” that our readers expect to see on our pages.


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Your local newspaper needs your help!

In times of uncertainty, the importance of reliable news and information is vital.

Local newspapers play a critical role in the communities they serve, making us all stronger. They are dedicated to keeping you informed, whether it is a local issue or a worldwide epidemic that is a danger to our communities, they are there to deliver consistent, quality local news coverage. Especially now, local news is a crucial public service that is keeping people informed and safe.

Traditional advertising revenue, which everyone has counted on to fund the free press, has been decimated by the current crisis, and the loss of advertising dollars has threatened the existence of many newspapers.

The New England Press Association Scholarship Fund, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, created the Local Community News Fund of New England and this fund-raising portal to allow tax deductible donations to support your local newspaper.

Local newspapers remain strong in their commitment to serve their community and, with some assistance from loyal readers, they can keep reporters on the job working to provide resources and information that every community needs.

You can ensure that your community continues to get the local news and information it needs by donating to this fund. All donations will go to the newspaper of your choice, and will help pay reporters’ salaries and other costs of covering the local community.

All donations to this fund are tax deductible. Thank you for supporting local newspapers. Together, we can make it through this.

Local Community News Fund of New England is a service of, and administered by, New England Press Association Scholarship Fund, Inc., affiliated with New England Newspaper and Press Association

New England Press Association Scholarship Fund, Inc., tax ID #23‐7297724, is a Section 501(c)(3) organization and is eligible to accept charitable contributions.

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579 supporters

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