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Dusty Neergaard - Smile On Your Brother


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Many of you helped me last year as I walked (actually, rode my Hoveround) 3.1 miles for the children of Aslan Youth Ministries! ASLAN, who my husband, Bill, and I helped start in 1975, addresses the problems of race relations in America the right way and the only way that works - bringing people together!!! That's why I named my Team "Smile On Your Brother." It's from the chorus of the great 60s rock hit, Get Together, by the Youngbloods. 

Come on people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.

From the day my brother & sister-in-law, Craig & Lynn Ann, Bill and I started Aslan Youth Ministries until today, Aslan has been a shining light to urban, inner-city children and children in Haiti. 

Please click on the green donate button, smile on your brother, and help keep Aslan's doors open to our children. My team helping me "roll" 3.1 miles in my spiffy Hoveround. is my granddaughter, Maya, (walking alongside), and my sons, Shane & Christian, (on bicycles). 

For almost a half-century, Aslan has been changing the world . . . one child at a time! God bless you for joining us!

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Dusty Neergaard - Smile On Your Brother


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Each year Aslan Youth Ministries host an all-women’s run called Beauty & The Beach Run™ to raise funds.  Last year, because of Covid-19, we hosted a Virtual Race open to both men and women.   There were so many people who wanted to do something substantial – something that makes a lasting difference – to bring people together.  As a result the virtual race option was very successful and we are bringing it back this year. 

We at Aslan recognize and celebrate our long history of service to African-American children in Monmouth County, NJ and families in Haiti.  What better time than now to help us serve Aslan children?  

And what easier way to do this than jogging or walking a few miles to raise critically needed funds?  Or you can select a team and make a donation.  We invite all our friends, family and churches who want to support our years of service and the many lives Aslan has touched.

Read about the amazing Jennifer Andiorio and her family who walked for Aslan last year!

Please remember. Aslan is God’s Love in Action. We don’t just talk about problems. Aslan is successful because, Love never fails (I Corinthians 13:8)! 

Take action now.

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95 supporters

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