Chaminade Julienne Day of Giving

GIVE.GROW. - to help the mission of CJ grow and for students to thrive!


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Your collective community spirit continues as a powerful force for goodness! 

We invite you to GIVE.GROW.

Our Day of Giving initiative GIVE.GROW. gives you an opportunity to support the extraordinary efforts of providing the CJ experience for nearly 700 young people through the CJ Annual Fund. While incorporating safety measures, socially distanced protocols, live-streaming technology, and creative thinking, this school year united our community together in amazing ways:

  • Ninety percent of our students re-entered the halls of CJ this school year, while others continued their education through our distance learning plan.
  • Student events and activities were restructured without sacrificing the experience ― Kairos, retreats, athletics, performing arts, extra-curricular activities, and more!
  • Innovative events brought much joy ― a senior sunrise breakfast, three days of senior activities including trips to the Cincinnati Zoo, a Cincinnati Riverboat Cruise, and more. Things like movie nights at Roger Glass Stadium - Home of the CJ Eagles allowed fun and safe ways to bring our students new memories.
  • Reimagined activities keep us connected― an all-school rosary rally, virtual concerts, and virtual alumni events!

When you give…our students grow, this community continues to grow, a love of service, understanding, and respect grows!

Your gift helps support opportunities such as, but not limited to, the following:

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Thank you for helping CJ's mission GROW!



365 supporters

$30,000 goal

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