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YEAR 4 of BvB! Join me again in the battle against Alzheimer's Disease.

This COVID season has made an impact on all of us in many ways. For me, it's put life into perspective and made me think about what matters. And what matters having friends and family that support you in any way they can, and knowing you would do the same.

So today I am asking you for your help with something that is very important to me, BvB Dallas. As you know, I've been a a part of BvB Dallas for the last three years and, while it looks very different this year, the cause we're fighting for still exists. In fact, Alzheimer's Disease patients are being hit extremely hard as many of the hot spots for COVID are nursing homes, and the elderly is the age group effected the worst.

If you're able, whether is $5 or $500, I would love your support in my continued fight against Alzheimer's Disease. This year our beneficiaries are UT Southwestern Medical Center and The Senior Source and they need our help now more than ever!

Thank you for your continued support.

BvB Dallas is a young-professional organization that hosts a powder-puff football game for a day of fun, fellowship, philanthropy and enjoyment as a way of raising money for Alzheimer’s research and awareness. Founded by sisters whose father was afflicted by Alzheimer’s, BvB is a personal way for young professionals across the country to raise awareness, funds and support to TACKLE ALZHEIMER'S FOREVER.

Every 65 seconds someone in the US is diagnosed, and 5.7 million Americans are currently living with this disease. This number is expected to rise in coming years. By giving to BvB Dallas, you are giving directly to beneficiaries in the DFW area who are doing everything they can to care for people who have Alzheimer's disease and hopefully find a cure.

Thank you, my friends, for all your support. 

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2021 BvB Dallas

Saturday from 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM CDT

In Person

Add to Calendar 2021-08-07 19:30:00 2021-08-07 22:30:00 America/Chicago 2021 BvB Dallas Cotton Bowl® Stadium<br>3750 The Midway, Dallas, TX 75215, USA


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BvB Dallas is a non-profit organization that brings young-professionals together to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease research and support organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Founded in 2008 by a group of young-professional women, BvB Dallas was created as a way to honor and remember loved ones who have suffered from Alzheimer’s and related diseases. Each year the organization hosts a variety of fundraising and educational events as a way for Dallas philanthropists to help eradicate this grave disease, culminating in its flagship event – a powder-puff football game between The Pink Team and The Blue Team.

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221 supporters

$350,000 goal

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