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Recycled Runway 2023

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Diana Cesaro, Diana by design

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Diana Cesaro, Diana by design's Story

"La Cravate Dress"

I am a sustainable fashion designer, I began my business, Diana by design, as a way to repurpose/reuse clothing and fabric that is already in thrift stores. I take old and design it into a new fashion. Below are some surprising numbers:

  • each pound of waste from apparel production is associated with 2 pounds of CO2
  • Up to 100 billion garments are produced by the fashion industry every year.
  • each year, as much as 92 million tons of clothing ends up in landfills.

The outfit I have designed for Project Runway is the 'Robe á Cravate' or 'La Cravate Dress.' I have created this from the middle sections of neckties. In my business, I use the wide part of the ties for skirts and the narrow end for wine sleeve handles, leaving me with the center tie sections. As I try to find a use for every piece of material this was a perfect solution for those center tie pieces!

this was the beginning .... gather the ties

getting in the flow

the design worked out, ready to sew.

top consists of 8 neckties

the skirt is made with 28 neckties

entire 'dress' totals 36 neckties

I am fundraising to impact the current overflow of fast fashion in our environment. We all can be more mindful of what we buy and where we buy it. How fast fashion comes and goes with trends and fads. The overproduction of products, and where they end up.

Buying sustainable fashion adds to your wardrobe and becomes a timeless piece of clothing, well made, and will last for years to come.

‘Recycling’ is different from upcycling. Recycling refers to breaking down existing materials to make new ones. This process often involves many expensive resources and waste.

Donate to affect how we can all help reduce what ends up in our landfills. My donations will be shared between American Mural Project and fabscrap.org

'FABSCRAP was created to meet New York City’s commercial textile recycling needs. Materials that traditionally would have gone to landfill are now being properly recycled and made available for reuse.'


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Share Fundraiser

Campaign Ended


300 Supporters

64% of $25,000 goal

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