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End the Silence


$20,000 Goal


The National Society of Collegiate Scholars has partnered with Active Minds to empower college students to openly speak about mental health and to educate & encourage help-seeking for others.   

Active Minds is the premier mental health organization impacting college students and mental health. Our mission with this partnership is to spread awareness, break the stigma, and raise money for solutions Active Minds has identified.

Why It's Important

  • 39% of students in college experience a significant mental health issue
  • 50% of cases of mental health issues begin by age 14; 75% begin by age 24
  • 2/3 of students with anxiety or depression don't seek treatment


  • 5.4 million students are impacted by Active Minds presence on campus
  • 450+ campus chapters at high schools and colleges nationwide
  • 3600 events each year for mental health awareness and action

We appreciate your help in our mission to make sure every student knows mental health is treatable, suicide is preventable, and help is available.  

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