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Team Givebutter

November 01, 2016

Givebutter Reviews

A few of our favorite people and favorite campaigns

Katherine Najera Villeda raised $3,000 to save a school in Honduras for her nonprofit, De Manos Con Amor

Juticalpa, Honduras

"De Manos Con Amor is a huge fan of Givebutter!!! I cannot rave about Givebutter enough. The customer service is superb, every time I had a question (and we had a few) they were always super quick to answer. Also I absolutely love the visual that Givebutter provides, I think it gave the fundraising life. The focus was on the donors and the impact they were making, which encourages others to donate. My only recommendation is that Givebutter continues to grow so others can benefit from this amazing service."

Daniel Lowe helped raise $14,000 for his student organization, more than 10x their original goal

University of Pennsylvania

"Givebutter is an extremely valuable and powerful platform to raise money and awareness. Its design makes social sharing seamless and its interface is extremely easy to navigate and track team progress. These features and many others played a pivotal role in our fundraising campaign as we surpassed our fundraising goals by over 1000%! The entire leadership team is constantly innovating and we cannot wait to use Givebutter for our next campaign."

Lucas Miller raised $5,106 for the launch of his book, Beyond Brilliance

University of California, Berkeley

"The Givebutter team absolutely kills it in terms of making sure each campaign is successful. They were endless help throughout the process and frequently checked in and provided promotional advice to ensure my team and I were on track to meet our goal (something Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. would never do). Highly, highly recommend using this platform over bigger, most established ones!"

Carly Meisel raised $16,535 in 32 hours to bring DC its first kosher food truck

Washington, D.C.

"When my startup's team decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign, we immediately knew that it had to be through Givebutter. Simply put, no other site has the engagement or excitement factor that Givebutter exudes. Our campaign was a success, and we are so grateful to the dedicated and talented Givebutter team. Thank you!"

Yash Gupta raised over $1,000 in one day to provide eyeglasses to those in need through his nonprofit, Sight Learning

University of South California

"Givebutter was a tremendous platform for Sight Learning to use to raise money! The team was extremely flexible and easy to work with, and we were able to accomplish our fundraising goal with the help of their social-driven platform. Would definitely recommend the site for any non-profit to work with!"

Josh Ottensoser helped his student organization, TAMID at NYU, meet its $1,500 goal in three days

New York University

"The interactive platform provided by Givebutter creates a real community feel when raising money. Thanks to Givebutter, people who came to our site saw how passionate others were about the project and subsequently got involved themselves."

Maz Obuz reached thousands of supporters through a sanitation awareness campaign for his nonprofit, Asepsis

George Washington University

"The Givebutter team was an absolute pleasure to work with. They responded quickly and went above and beyond for our campaign. I'd recommend the product to anyone looking to raise money and awareness for their cause."

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