Givebutter Reviews & Testimonials

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Givebutter Reviews & Testimonials

The first public version of went live just two years ago, in Fall 2016, and we have been absolutely blown away by the constant stream of supportive messages we've received from Givebutter users ever since.

We've published some of our favorites below:

Student Groups 🎒

CMU Greek Week 2018 raised over $100,000 for two local nonprofits in Central Michigan:

We quite literally raised over 10 times as much money on Givebutter compared to last year’s event using GoFundMe. I can’t say enough how awesome this platform is for fundraising, and also how much fun we had using it.

David Wong, President

Sigma Chi Derby Days at DePaul University raised over $35,000 for their annual philanthropy event:

We loved using Givebutter! It was super easy to set up and keep track of who was fundraising and how much they raised, which makes the person in charge's life SO much easier. We will definitely use Givebutter again and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone!

Brian Grover, Philanthropy Chair

TAMID at Penn has raised $25,000 for various programming expenses such as speaker fees, trips, etc:

Thanks to Givebutter we were able to surpass this year's fundraising goal by over 1,000%! We found the platform to be a powerful way to raise money and awareness for our organization - its design makes social sharing seamless and its interface is extremely easy to navigate and track team progress. The company is constantly innovating and we cannot wait to use Givebutter for our next campaign.

Daniel Lowe, President

Delta Phi Epsilon at The University of Miami has raised over $50,000 in two semesters on Givebutter for their annual philanthropy events:

Givebutter has been an absolute life saver. Every component of the website is extremely innovative and is constantly upgrading to be the best that it can be. Donors have spoken so highly of it as it is very simple and easy to navigate and use. Each member can create his or her own page which helps form friendly competition which increases fundraising. Furthermore, the Givebutter team is so kind and responsive — they will answer any questions and be there to support you every step of the way. In the past, I have used sites such as CrowdRise which feel like scams. Givebutter is the opposite; they want you to succeed and maximize fundraising!

Emily Powell, Vice President of Philanthropy

Nonprofits 💛

Humans for Education has raised $50,000 on Givebutter through events, fundraising campaigns, and general donations so they can help more people receive the quality education they deserve:

Givebutter was the catalyst to everything for my nonprofit. I love Givebutter because they gave me a beautiful way to show donors what we were doing, interact with each other on the page, and cover all the fees when donating. And the team was there literally every step of the way. Long story short: Givebutter rocks.

Daphne Pariser, Founder

It's On Us partnered with Givebutter and the Kering Foundation on an awareness campaign centered around sexual assault prevention and education:

Givebutter is one of the most innovative and engaging platforms I've seen in that it successfully mobilizes young people to actively fundraise and donate around the causes they care most about. The Givebutter team is dynamic, passionate, and thoughtful - they're an absolute joy to work with.

Rebecca Kaplan, Director

De Manos Con Amor raised $3,000 to save a school in Honduras:

I am a huge fan of Givebutter!!! The customer service is superb, every time I had a question (and we had a few) they were always super quick to answer. Also, I absolutely love the visual that Givebutter provides - I think it gave the fundraiser life. The focus was on the donors and the impact they were making, which encourages others to donate. I cannot rave about Givebutter enough!

Katherine Najera Villeda, Founder

Umttr has raised $50,000 on Givebutter through basketball tournaments, birthday campaigns, general donations, and more in an effort to prevent teen suicide:

Launching an event as a nonprofit can be hard and stressful, but using Givebutter made it exponentially easier. We were able to seamlessly register teams while also collecting donations for our recent 3v3 basketball tournament to end teen suicide. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a fun experience, excellent support, and low fees.

Sue Rosenstock, President

Sight Learning raised $1,000 in one day to provide eyeglasses to those in need:

Givebutter was a tremendous platform for Sight Learning to use to raise money! The team was extremely flexible and easy to work with, and we were able to accomplish our fundraising goal with the help of their social-driven platform. Would definitely recommend the site for any non-profit to work with!

Yash Gupta, Founder

Platform has raised over $10,000 on Givebutter for their annual convention, Giving Tuesday campaigns, and chapter-wide fundraising efforts dedicated to advancing feminist dialogue and policies in government: 

Thank goodness for Givebutter. We don’t have networks of people with hundreds of thousands of dollars, so we are still figuring out ways to develop stable revenue models. Politics needs to be accessible to everyone, which means we need to be financially accessible. Givebutter has been so easy and accessible for us. We chose our old fundraising platform because it had the opportunity to fundraise as individuals and track their progress. But we had to pay a lot, and we couldn’t afford it. Givebutter does it for free, and it’s constantly working to make fundraising easier. People can share their donations super easily; we’ve used their language and promos and have been able to fundraise even more. We’ve got all the flexibility to run campaigns without paying an arm and a leg for it. We love Givebutter!

Jen Mandelblatt, Founder

Sports Teams 🏆

Oklahoma Sooners Men's Lacrosse Team has raised more than $10,000 on Givebutter in back-to-back playoff seasons:

As an inexperienced fundraiser myself, Givebutter took a ton of the pressure off by providing my team with a highly effective and well-designed page to fundraise for program and travel costs, without charging an arm and a leg in fees. Their support was phenomenal when we needed it, and the team is constantly innovating its product – it's clear that they deeply care about their users' success. I'd highly recommend them to any team looking for a top-notch fundraising platform with very reasonable fees.

Mario Enea, Head Coach

Companies 💼

The Brooklyn Sandwich Company raised $16,000 in less than 24 hours to fund their kosher food truck:

When my startup's team decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign, we immediately knew that it had to be through Givebutter. Simply put, no other site has the engagement or excitement factor that Givebutter exudes. Our campaign was a success, and we are so grateful to the dedicated and talented Givebutter Team. Thank you!

Carly Meisel, Founder

Beyond Brilliance raised over $5,000 in donations to finance initial expenses for their book's launch:

The Givebutter team absolutely kills it in terms of making sure each campaign is successful. They were endless help throughout the process and frequently checked in and provided promotional advice to ensure my team and I were on track to meet our goal (something Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. would never do). Highly, highly recommend using this platform over bigger, more established ones!

Lucas Miller, Author

Individuals 😎

Pam Mutumwa participated in Brawl For a Cause, an event that has raised over $200,000 on Givebutter for causes such as Partnership Against Domestic Violence, for which Pamela personally fought (in a boxing ring!) and fundraised:

I’m such a perfectionist and detail-oriented, and the thing I realized about Givebutter is that it really lets you personalize your page. GoFundMe felt like a template, but with Givebutter, I could add videos and embed pictures, so it really felt like I could customize and create more of a blog experience. Sharing that link was actually nice; you’re proud of what you created and proudly share it with other people.

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