Givebutter reviews and testimonials

Hear real stories and reviews from people who choose Givebutter over other fundraising platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Classy, and Eventbrite.





The Greater Giving Community
The Greater Giving Community

Givebutter reviews and testimonials

Hear real stories and reviews from people who choose Givebutter over other fundraising platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Classy, and Eventbrite.





Hear real stories and reviews from people who choose Givebutter over other fundraising platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Classy, and Eventbrite.





Max Friedman
April 12, 2021
April 19, 2022

So much has changed since Givebutter was launched in 2016. We were named the #1 fundraising software in 2020, and we now power millions in online donations, fundraising campaigns, and ticketed events for more than 30,000 charitable causes around the world.

Since the beginning, we've been blown away as we watched campaigns raise thousands (and even millions!) for the causes they care about. While it’s always difficult to narrow down our favorite stories, here are 15+ campaigns that caught our eye.

Nonprofits 💛

Harry Chapin Food Bank raises $569k to provide 1.4M meals in Southwest Florida:

Givebutter gave us the tools and the outlet to create this campaign. [Givebutter campaigns are] great because they're easy to search, easy to find, and people really enjoy participating in them. [Givebutter] was very user friendly for everybody. There wasn't a lot of training that you have to do because it's so user friendly to begin with.Ryan Uhler, Digital Fundraising Manager

Project Restore Us raises $54k and partners with local restaurants to deliver groceries during the COVID-19 pandemic:

The things that really stood out for Givebutter were on the backend of things. It was super simple to set up, the search engine optimization was really good, the ability to embed on our website was something that we found super useful. I guess that, along with the ability to use Venmo, Apple Pay, and Google Pay … Some other platforms, the fees range from 2.9 to about 8% combined with platform and transaction fees. But because 88% of our donors covered the fees by tipping Givebutter, our total fees only ended up being about nine-tenths of a percent.Josh Stein, Tech Specialist

COAF (Children of Armenia Fund) raises $4.5M in a televised benefit:

I jumped right to Givebutter … I've used it before, I know it's a very stable product, and I can rely on it. And it has great abilities to handle international registrants, international donors, and the kind of flexibility we needed. Choose your technology wisely … when it comes down to it, you need something that is reliable and something that is easy and as frictionless as possible — which Givebutter fits the bill for me.Ariel Glassman, Fundraising Consultant

Humans for Education has raised $50k on Givebutter through events, fundraising campaigns, and general donations so they can help more people receive the quality education they deserve:

Givebutter was the catalyst to everything for my nonprofit. I love Givebutter because they gave me a beautiful way to show donors what we were doing, interact with each other on the page, and cover all the fees when donating. And the team was there literally every step of the way. Long story short: Givebutter rocks._
Daphne Pariser, Founder_

NAMI Nevada raised $66k to support 400,000 Nevadans with a mental health condition during the COVID-19 pandemic during their Drive to Thrive event:

[With Givebutter] it’s easy to send [campaign] information out and interact with people. It's easy to see who you're giving to if you have a certain [team fundraiser] you want to get credit for the giving. I was surprised at how easy it was for me to take that Givebutter link … I started sending that link out to the people that I recently connected with in my texts. It seems insignificant now compared to the $66,000, but I probably got about $300 in an hour just texting the [Givebutter] link to my friends!Robin Reedy, Executive Director

Goodwill Industries raises $34k to help youth, adults, and seniors develop skills to gain financial and personal independence:

[Givebutter] integrates very well with Bloomerang which is our donor database. It gave us the functionality of being able to embed the video, and it was very inexpensive. For a nonprofit, that is so important. This in-person event usually costs us around $8,000 and this year it was so minimal. It was wonderful … It was also shocking to me that we only had five people who did not pay the fee. So 95% of our donors paid the processing fee — that was really exciting. That's above and beyond the dollar amount you see on the Givebutter page._
Kelly, Goodwill Industries_

MAGFest raises $112k through a MAGTelethon Livestream when they had to cancel their largest in-person event due to COVID-19:

That was one of the ways that we used Givebutter too. We changed the story, we changed the teams, and changed multiple things on the page as the day went on to match the content of what we were doing. It was very quick to do. … It was really cool being able to just swap it out so that people could donate to something else. It was really fun._
Emily Hickman, Director of Business Operations_

Student groups 🎒

Fenwick High School raises over $189k in just 24 hours:

The integration between ThankView and Givebutter … that was a key component for choosing Givebutter. Everything was all wrapped up into one. That ease — that everything just flowed from ThankView right into Givebutter — was just super huge for us … Take advantage of the ease and functionality that Givebutter has to offer. It's a really simple platform, and it's actually fun to donate!Cindy Erwin, Director of Annual Giving and Development Operations

Darlington School raised over $61k through independent school Giving Day:

Givebutter was new to us. We had never heard of it, and we were recommended by one of our top volunteers to check it out. We decided to just go for it, especially being able to offer Venmo and PayPal which our donors have asked for for years and years and years. Being able to say, “Okay, here it is!” was a huge plus … If you've got questions, ask them. [The Givebutter team] was so helpful.Julia Thomas, Director of Annual Giving

G.W.C. Brown Legacy Education Fund raises $36k to support young men through scholarships:

The [Givebutter] platform was very professional. I would say even if you have no idea what you're doing, just jump in. It’s really, really easy to use. If this is going to be your first time and you're trying to figure out, “Do I really want to do this?” The answer is yes. One of the really great parts about the platform is the people behind the platform. I think I sent two emails to ask questions and got answers right away. Then I had follow-up emails later saying, “Hey, just checking in with you to see if there's anything that we can do.” The platform also has all the help that you really need as you're trying to figure out how you want to set up the campaign._
Kenneth Spencer, Treasurer_

Sports teams and other groups 🏆

B’nai Jeshurun, a 195-year-old congregation, raises $13k in a community-wide celebration of all generations:

If we were running this event in person, when the event was over, the giving was over. I think that happens with every event. It's very unlikely that days afterward people still feel inspired to give, but that actually happened with Givebutter. We were able to send this link out to our community members and that link was clicked many, many times which inspired a lot of giving … The celebration, regardless of what it is — fundraiser, friend-raiser — it doesn't have to end when your event ends. I think that's what's so beautiful about it.Amanda Greenawalt, Director of Advancement

Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation raises $71k through creative livestream events:

[Our experience with Givebutter Livestream] was very lively, which was really nice. It was engaging, I think would be one of the best words. People, when they do it, they stay engaged. That's really important when you work with donors. Also it's got to be easy, and it was really easy for the team to get it up and running. It’s a very friendly platform to use as an organization._
Wendy Hilliard, Founder and CEO_

Companies 💼

Teton Adaptive Sports raised over $50k to support adaptive skiing for people of all abilities during the COVID-19 pandemic:

We haven't had any negative feedback from anybody about using Givebutter. Knowing that the platform is set up in a manner that's very user friendly is super helpful. Givebutter works so well to help us automatically put information into our email list … we didn't have to go in and manually type in 220 people and match up who's already in our email list and who's not … [Givebutter] allowed us to keep a very organized database that instantly went right into our system. [Fundraising on Givebutter] was easy, to be honest. That was, I think, the best part of all of it.Joe Stone, Director of Mission

Green City Market raises $22k to increase access to local, sustainable food and support local farmers:

None of us knew what we were doing, and Givebutter support was awesome. We emailed several times to say, “I don't know how to do this.” We had support from the Givebutter side who advised us on some of these other pieces that weren't [Givebutter] technology. They had enough experience to say, “Well, here's how that piece would play in,” and just gave us the confidence of _let’s do this!
Mandy Moody, Director of Development_

Studio Tenn Theater Company raises $150k since the beginning of COVID-19 through creative virtual events:

Every time that we've reached out [to Givebutter], everyone that I've ever talked to has been so quick and willing to help. We really, really appreciate that; that's been huge. I even had one week — in one of our first weeks on — during a stream, I was having problems with something going live. I was able to get someone and we were able to fix it while the stream was going. That was great! The accessibility and the help. One of the [fundraising] tips I would say is to be sure to reach out to [Givebutter support]. I have appreciated the responsiveness and the help on that.William Guice, Advancement Director

Individuals 😎

Harvard undergrads raise $34k through student art-making and faculty gift-matching to combat racial injustice:

I think something that I personally like about Givebutter is that it's very easy to understand … Compared to GoFundMe and other websites I found, there seems to be a slightly overwhelming amount of information, whereas this felt very simple and straightforward.Jasi, Freedom Fundraiser Collective

Eula and Jeannie raised over $13k to launch their new podcast, “Everything’s on Fire”:

I found that experience — being able to see in real time who was donating and also read the comments that people left — to be really gratifying. I didn't expect there to be another community aspect to the fundraising part of this, but the comments that people were able to leave—and the fact that we were able to respond to them and like them — it just felt like there was this other place where we were able to have a conversation with our people again. I loved that part of [using Givebutter].Eula Scott Bynoe and Jeannie Yandel, Podcast Hosts

Why more and more people choose Givebutter

On Givebutter, you can raise funds for your local school group, sports team, company, or nonprofit. Plus, with 70+ features at your fingertips, you can easily create a well-designed, engaging campaign to rally your community for your cause.

Givebutter has some of the lowest fees in the industry. On Givebutter, we give donors the option to cover 100% of the fees, and 93% choose to do so. That way, you keep more (or all) of what you raise.

Ready to get started on Givebutter? Create your free account today.

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Max Friedman

Max Friedman

CEO & Co-Founder of Givebutter

Max is the CEO (Chief Emoji Officer) at Givebutter 😬 His mission is to help changemakers do what they do best: make the world a better place 💛

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