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Nonprofit payment processing

Givebutter goes beyond standard nonprofit donation processing—we’re your trusted partner in raising more funds for your mission. With the widest variety of payment methods and automated payouts, Givebutter streamlines the donation experience and makes managing payments the easiest thing on your to-do list.

Introducing the best payment processor for nonprofits

Donation processing, done right

Givebutter equips nonprofits with the widest range of payment methods in the industry, making it easy for donors of all ages to support your cause.

Raise more with donation forms designed to convert

Raise more with donation forms designed to convert

Givebutter donation forms boast a 47% donor conversion rate—leading the industry! Every step of the giving flow is crafted to help you raise more, from that first click on your branded donate button to the dynamic upsell options baked into your donation forms. Plus, Givebutter is fully mobile-optimized, so your donors get the same world-class experience no matter how they choose to give.

Turn one-time donations into lasting financial support

Turn one-time donations into lasting financial support

Make it easy for your supporters to extend their generosity. Givebutter’s donation flow highlights options for matching gifts, recurring donations, and pledges (launching in 2024!), reminding donors of all the ways they can make their gifts go further.

Elevate the in-person donation experience

Elevate the in-person donation experience

Accept donations at events in a single tap using the Givebutter mobile app, and create an engaging backdrop for increased giving with live display. You can also encourage more mobile payments with free text-to-donate and scan-to-donate features, which provide a seamless and convenient giving experience for supporters on the go.

Enjoy fast and hassle-free payouts

Withdraw funds your way

We make sure your hard-earned funds land securely in your bank account or debit card—with no limits on when or how often you can withdraw funds. You can even enable automated payouts so funds are transferred every night. Plus, our handy payout reconciliation reports are easy to sync up with your accounting software, ensuring accurate and streamlined financial tracking for your nonprofit organization.

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The average campaign keeps 99.5% of all funds raised

Givebutter provides an entire suite of free fundraising tools—including free payment processing for nonprofits—thanks to optional tips from donors that help support our platform. Our secure payment processors do charge a flat-rate processing fee, but you can give donors the choice to cover this for you—which 95% of donors on Givebutter do!

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Always safe and secure

Security comes standard

With Givebutter’s donation processing for nonprofits, your donor data and funds are always safe. Security isn’t an afterthought—it’s baked into the way we handle every transaction.

Top-rated payment processing

Givebutter offers industry-leading and PCI-compliant payment processing for nonprofits and follows best-in-class safety practices to maintain the highest level of security.

Proactive fraud

Givebutter’s Trust and Safety team regularly reviews accounts to protect against fraud. We also have additional levels of fraud prevention baked into our software to assess fraudulent behavior and block carding attempts.

Safeguards for
sensitive data

We know how valuable your donor data is. That’s why sensitive debit or credit card information is never stored in Givebutter’s systems—only with our secure payment processors.

Meet your new command center

Take advantage of Givebutter’s built-in nonprofit CRM to streamline your operations and keep your supporter details right next to your donation data. You can generate automatic donation receipts, utilize robust donation management tools, and keep tabs on all financial transactions, from donations to ticket sales, in one centralized hub. Spend less time exporting transactions and focus more on what matters most—advancing your nonprofit mission.

Works with your favorite accounting software

Nonprofits have spoken

Givebutter is the #1 choice

We're here to empower changemakers like you to raise more for the causes that matter most. That’s why we’re constantly evolving to provide best-in-class fundraising tools and top-notch customer support, which is reflected in our consistently high user satisfaction ratings on G2.

The main reason we chose Givebutter was to accept more payment options without having to set up individual accounts for each, and that has been incredibly effective for our donors and easy for our finance team!

Sarah Marie Thomas
Director of Membership and On-Air Fundraising, WVIA Public Media

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See for yourself why Givebutter is the best nonprofit payment processor

Make the switch to Givebutter today

Take advantage of the full spread of free features and transfer your nonprofit payment processing to Givebutter in minutes. Use our easy-to-use templates to migrate your data safely, and get ready to experience a smoother way to collect and process donations.

Sign up for a free account

To kick off the process, simply sign up for a free Givebutter account. Add your payment information now so you can enjoy seamless payouts as soon as the donations start rolling in.

Import your existing donor data

Move any historical data and transactions from another CRM or payment processor with our user-friendly templates. Don’t have any previous data? You can start building your donor database from scratch.

Start collecting donations

With your account set up and your historical data in place, you’re ready to start processing new donations. Most of Givebutter’s payment methods are enabled automatically, so you can introduce your supporters to options like PayPal, Venmo, and Tap to Pay right away.

Frequently asked questions

Today’s nonprofits aren’t limited to only accepting credit card payments or checks. Instead, changemakers can make full use of modern payment processing options like Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Tap to Pay, and more. All you need is a secure fundraising platform with a built-in payment processor, like Givebutter, to unlock easy donation processing.

Donation processing, also known as nonprofit payment processing, is all about accepting and transferring payments from donors (like donations or ticket sales). This way, you can use those funds to support your mission. It covers everything from receiving a donation to making sure the funds end up securely in your account (or the beneficiary organization’s account if you're fundraising on behalf of a nonprofit).

Absolutely! You can require donors to cover the 2.9% + 30¢ processing fee charged by our secure payment processors or give them the choice to opt in.

If a donor chooses not to cover the processing fees, then this is deducted from the total amount they donated, and your nonprofit receives the remaining donation amount without paying anything out of pocket.

Nope! Givebutter manages all of that for you and will pay out funds from all payment methods directly to your bank account. No need to set up or manage your own payment processing tools.

Not at this time. Givebutter has a proprietary relationship with Stripe that allows us to offer multiple payment methods and provide the best customer experience. You'll create a dedicated Stripe Express account within Givebutter and process all payouts there.

Funds remain pending for 2–3 business days to ensure there are no chargebacks, refund requests, or fraud. Once funds are available for payout, you can withdraw them at any time (unlike many other vendors who hold payouts for 30–45 days!).

Yes! Verified nonprofits can request automated payouts after completing their first manual payout.

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