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Invite your team in seconds to utilize our social leaderboards, trackable links, personalized pages, and more.

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Show donors the direct impact of their donation.

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The most powerful free donor management system in the world. Easily take advantage of our in-depth analytics, actionable insights, robust communication tools, and more.

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Use Givebutter for your next philanthropy event to sell tickets, register guests, and collect donations all in one place.

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+ $30/ transaction
+ $30/ transaction
+ $30/ transaction

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Who we are

Givebutter is more than a product, it’s a Movement.

Eat. Sleep. Give.

We lead busy lives. We work, we hang out with friends, we sleep, we eat, we sing, and we dance. But do we give? Giving isn’t just about donating money - it can include giving your time, unused possessions, and your voice. The Givebutter Movement is about exactly that: Giving. Learn more about us.

Butter Ambassadors
lead the Movement.

1,000+ ambassadors across
300 college campuses are
spreading the butter.

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Changemakers are the
face of the Movement.

Changemakers inspire us to
give by embodying Givebutter’s
mission in their daily lives.

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