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Online giving has a cost. Most websites hide this fact, and donors have no idea that up to 10% of their donation is not given to the fundraiser. Our mission is to provide the most transparent and high quality fundraising service, so that more people make giving a part of their lives.

We are not a gym.

No membership fees, subscription fees, or startup fees... ever.

It is completely free to start and run a Givebutter campaign, fundraisers will never see a bill from us. Unless we hire someone named Bill.

Donors love us.

Because of our transparent, user-friendly approach, over 95% of donors choose to cover our small fee.


Givebutter fee

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of donors cover the fee



average campaign fee

Give more, pay less.

Fees are scaled so that the most generous donors have the lowest possible burden.





Since 95% of donors tend to cover this fee, you keep $99.50 out of every $100 raised, on average.

Know your fees.

Stop losing up to 10% without you or your donors knowing.

7.9% - 9.25%

+ 30¢ / transaction

3% - 5%

+ $50 / month

6.9% - 7.9%

+ 30¢ / transaction

3.2% - 9.2%

+ membership fees

0.5% on average

+ 0¢ / transaction

+ $0 / month

8% - 10%


+ 30¢ / transaction

3% - 5.5%


+ 30¢ / transaction

0.5% on average

+ 0¢ / transaction

+ $0 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a 0.5% average campaign fee mean, and how does it work?

This means the average campaign on Givebutter keeps $99.50 of every $100 raised. Every time someone donates to a campaign, they are given the option to cover the fees. Since over 95% of donors tend to do so, campaigns have the ability to keep every dollar they raise. We believe that if you have a $10,000 goal, you should be able to raise $10,000, and not lose out on $1,000 in fees (as you would on many other sites).

Are donations tax-deductible?

Donations are tax-deductible if your organization has 501c3 status with the IRS. If this is the case, we may request proof of 501c3 status, and your organization may be required to display information such as its EIN on your Givebutter fundraising page. We will automatically generate a Thank You email and issue a tax-deductible receipt on your behalf.

Does my campaign need to reach its goal in order to receive the donations?

No, you will keep the amount raised regardless of whether you meet your goal. You’ve earned it!

How does fee scaling work?

Every donation is scaled so that higher donations have a lower percentage fee. We believe that donors who give more should not be charged more, and we scale fees back accordingly. For example: a $5 donation has a flat $1 fee, but a $5,000 donation will only have a 4% fee (including credit card fees), since it is such a large donation.

What countries and currencies are supported?

We are proud to say that people can donate from anywhere in the world. All donations are accepted in USD($), and will be converted accordingly based on each donor’s individual financial institution and location. In the case of international donations, these financial institutions may apply additional fees.

How do I withdraw the money I’ve raised?

You can withdraw funds at any time by linking your bank account or requesting a check through your campaign’s dashboard.

Can donors give privately?

Yes, all donors have the option to hide their information from public view. You will still collect the donor’s name, email address, and amount donated.