Cash in on the most popular payment gateway

Accept PayPal donations

Instantly accept PayPal donations for free through Givebutter—no complicated setup, donation fees, or PayPal account required.

Add PayPal to donation forms designed to delight

With Givebutter, nonprofits aren’t restricted to standard donation pages that feel like a one-way transaction. Givebutter automatically includes PayPal as a payment method on every custom donate button, modern donation form, social fundraising page, and engaging event you create.

Combine PayPal with other popular payment methods

If you were just using a PayPal donate button, you’d be limited in the payment methods you could offer. With Givebutter, you can let donors choose how they want to donate by giving them several popular payment methods to choose from—they can donate with PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, all major credit/debit cards, and more.

Do more with PayPal donations

Maximize PayPal fundraising

Turn one-time donors into long-term supporters by encouraging them to give monthly, quarterly, or annual PayPal recurring donations.

Track everything in one place

Givebutter’s built-in CRM lets nonprofits collect important donor details, build stronger relationships, and send personalized communication.

Bypass PayPal donation fees

Givebutter is completely free to use and enables donors to cover the payment processing fees platforms like PayPal typically charge. 

We needed a platform to collect donations that incorporated ALL the avenues our donors want to use—from Apple Pay to PayPal to credit cards. We now use Givebutter’s text-to-donate and scan-to-donate to make giving as easy as possible online, at events, and in emails.

Jim V.
CEO, NAIOP Wisconsin

How to set up PayPal for donations 


Sign up for a free Givebutter account

You don’t need to create a PayPal account to start accepting PayPal donations on Givebutter. Simply set up your free Givebutter account to get started. Sign up ->

Choose your campaign type

Set up your first campaign as a donation form, fundraising page, or event. You can also set up a donation widget to receive donations directly through your organization's website.

Start accepting PayPal donations

That's it—there’s no additional setup required! PayPal is automatically listed as a payment option, so you can start accepting PayPal contributions as soon as you launch your fundraiser.

Start accepting PayPal donations with Givebutter

Incorporate PayPal donations into your
fundraising strategy

When you sign up for a free Givebutter account, you get access to all of Givebutter’s best-in-class fundraising solutions.

The fun doesn't end here

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