Sell tickets, collect donations, and fundraise - all at the same time.

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Events is currently in Beta. Self-service is launching Nov 2019.
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Events is a first-of-its-kind ticketing platform made specifically for fundraising events, like this one. We built Events because existing event platforms are far too expensive and focus too much on ticket sales, not raising money. Long story short: if you're running a fundraising event, you're in the right place.

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We built Events for a very specific kind of event: a fundraising event.

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Ticket Types

Ticket Types

Sell paid and free tickets, without limit

Need tickets types for General Admission, Early Bird, VIP, and Free Entry? No problem. Other platforms may limit the number of ticket types you can sell, or increase the price if you sell more than one type
Add optional donation screenshot

Optional donations

Collect optional donations from attendees

Don't leave money on the table! Encourage attendees to make an additional donation on top of their ticket purchase


Can't make the event? You can still donate!

Don't leave even more money on the table! Encourage people who can't attend to still make a donation, without having to purchase a ticket

Fundraising Features

Every fundraising feature, right at your fingertips

Set a fundraising goal, invite your team to create personalized fundraising pages, engage with donors and attendees in the supporter feed, and more


It's like Eventbrite, but butter 🍿

⚡️ Plus, Events includes all features in Collect , Fundraise and Platform ⚡️

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Introducing your all-new Campaign Manager, built on the Givebutter Platform

Transparent, Honest pricing

No setup, monthly, or hidden fees.
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per paid ticket
+ Fundraise fees
Includes all features in Fundraise and Platform
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