Migrate donor data in minutes, not months

Importing & migration

Streamline your fundraising and donor management—and bring all of your contacts and transactions along for the ride—with Givebutter’s hassle-free tools for uploading your important data.

Keep contacts organized as you upload

Moving your contact records into Givebutter’s built-in nonprofit CRM is easy, and you can import any amount of data in the way that works best for you. Simply upload a CSV file, copy and paste, or type directly into the table to record your contacts’ details. And with custom fields and bulk tagging, you can keep all of your donor info organized as it’s transferred in.

Add historical or offline donations with ease

Record every transaction in Givebutter, no matter where or when it was made. Bulk imports let you upload and tag offline transactions or donations that were not recorded in Givebutter, so you can view and manage your donors’ full giving history all in one place.

Bring your recurring giving plans with you

You worked hard to earn them as a donor, so don’t lose their recurring donations when you switch. Migrate active recurring giving plans from another platform that uses Stripe as its payment processor, such as Bloomerang, Fundraise Up, Donorbox, and more. You can also use this easy email template to let your community know where they can support you from now on.

Importing data is smooth as butter

Streamline the process with templates

Take the guesswork out of imports and CRM data migration. Givebutter provides easy-to-use templates to help you successfully upload your contacts and transactions.

Import with confidence

Enjoy automatic data mapping and the chance to review everything before hitting import. Givebutter’s duplicate detection tools also automatically identify contacts for you to merge or update, so your data is always accurate.

Take control of your data migration

Importing data into Givebutter is so easy, it’s entirely self-service! Make the move when you’re ready, instead of waiting for a time slot. Have a question? We’re always here to help.

I appreciate the ease of use. The dashboard is thoughtfully designed and easy to navigate. Support articles are detailed and comprehensive. During one work day, I was able to familiarize myself with the entire suite and get our first campaign set up. Contact import was painless.

Michael Hughes
Director of Technology, Jewish Academy Orlando

How to import donor data into Givebutter’s CRM

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Prepare and upload your data

Get your data ready for uploading with our templates and automatic data mapping. When you’re happy with how it all looks, complete the import process.

Reach new heights

Your imported data is ready for you to see in minutes. With everything now in one place, explore Givebutter’s features and launch your next fundraising campaign or donor outreach program to start raising more for your cause.

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A better way to manage your donor data

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A better way to manage your donor data

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A better way to manage your donor data

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A better way to manage your donor data