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Qgiv and Givebutter can both help you raise funds via peer-to-peer, events, and more - but which is more effective?

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Last Updated:
September 11, 2020

Pricing Plan Comparison


✔ Free tier with every feature

✔ Pricing is easy to understand

✔ Over 95% of donors cover fees

✔ Per-transaction fees are under 5%

✔ All fees are transparent to donors

✔ Average campaign keeps 99.5%

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3.95% + 30¢ / transaction

+ 1% American Express / transaction

+ 1% peer-to-peer transactions

Comparing Qgiv's Everything Plan

Based on standard pricing for GoFundMe
Free tier with every feature
Lots of additional packaging costs
Does not disclose how many donors cover fees

Donors can cover transaction fees (but not subscription fees)

Does not disclose the average campaign fee

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Qgiv has a free tier but compared to other packages, it has a limited set of features. When it comes to comparing starter packages between Qgiv and Givebutter it's clear that Qgiv offers a comparable yet limited feature set. The key difference is that Givebutter's starter package includes all features (minus kiosks and auction software) for $0/mo, whereas Qgiv's charges $399/mo for access to every feature.

always has and always will list its pricing and per-transaction fees to fundraisers and donors on both its website and live demos. On Givebutter, over 95% of donors voluntarily cover transaction fees, resulting in an average overall cost to fundraisers of just 0.5% - the lowest in the industry. Best of all, there is no cost to use every single one of Givebutter's features. The only time organizations may need to pay out of pocket for Givebutter is if they decide they'd like to add-on priority support and/or custom branding.

Normally, Givebutter offers all this for only 4.9% + 30¢ / transaction with no monthly fees. However, now through December 31st Givebutter is WAIVING platform fees!

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Donation Collection

✔ Venmo, Apple/Google Pay, PayPal

✔ Transparent fees

✔ Embed donation form

✔ Text-to-give

✔ Custom donation amounts and fields

✔ Donation dedications

✔ Automatic receipts

✔ Interactive user dashboard

Mobile-app for donors
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Venmo, Apple/Google Pay

✔ Transparent fees

✔ Embed donation form

✔ Text-to-give (Extra fee)

✔ Custom donation amounts and fields

✔ Donation dedications

✔ Automatic receipts

✔ Interactive user dashboard

✔ Mobile app for donors

Qgiv is most celebrated for its easy-to-use fundraising software for optimizing donation collection. Qgiv's donation forms are mobile-friendly, and donor data can be integrated with popular CRMs such as Bloomerang and Salesforce for an additional fee. However, Qgiv’s donation form does not accept modern payment methods like Venmo or Apple/Google Pay, and there are additional fees such as an extra 1% fee for American Express transactions. Additionally, Qgiv’s free starter package does not include text-to-give.

Givebutter delivers a powerful, free online donation form. Givebutter’s online donation form is fully customizable, mobile-optimized, and beautifully designed, requiring no custom coding whatsoever. Givebutter can also integrate seamlessly with CRMs like Bloomerang and Salesforce, as well as Zapier for unlimited possibilities. Unlike Qgiv, you can utilize every single feature (across the entire platform) with Givebutter's free base tier with transparent, low fees. You'll only ever pay out of pocket if you'd like priority support and custom branding. This same Givebutter form is tailored to meet various payment processing needs, including Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, all major credit cards, offline payments, and more! Plus, did you know Givebutter is the only fundraising platform to integrate with Venmo, the leader in mobile payments?

Learn more about donation forms on Givebutter and see a live demo here.

Fundraising Pages

✔ Donation GIFs, drawings, and images

✔ Livestream fundraising

✔ Interactive supporter feed

✔ Personalized individual and team pages with leaderboards (P2P)

✔ Automated donor receipts and email marketing features

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Donation GIFs, drawings, and images
Livestream fundraising

✔ Basic supporter feed

✔ Personalized individual and team pages with leaderboards (P2P - Extra fee)

✔ Automated donor receipts and email marketing features (Extra fee)

Qgiv offers the basic features nonprofit organizations look for in an online fundraising campaign. These include customizable pages and email templates, plus custom badges automatically awarded upon completion of fundraising and recruitment milestones. Still, Qgiv includes less advanced feature sets in its free starter package.

Givebutter’s fundraising campaign pages include more advanced standalone fundraising pages, Team Fundraising (aka Peer-to-Peer), and Events. Supporters can make custom donations with stories, encouraging messages, GIFs, drawings, and images as well as like and comment on others. More than 80% of users leave a message on Givebutter because it’s a fun, social-media-like experience. However, some supporters may want to have their own pages without showing other teams and members on the page. For this type of campaign, Givebutter’s Spotlight Fundraising can highlight individual pages while hiding everything else, so that other teams, members, leaderboards, and donations are only visible where relevant. This is just one of several advanced fundraising formats you can use as part of Givebutter's completely free all-in-one fundraising platform.

Learn more about fundraising campaigns on Givebutter and see a live demo here.

Sell Tickets to Events

✔ Registration with fundraising

✔ Virtual events with livestream embeds

✔ Ticket scanning

✔ Can't attend? Donate!

✔ Unlimited events and tickets

✔ Donation upsells

✔ Text-to-Donate

Handheld kiosk
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Registration with fundraising
Virtual events with livestream embeds

✔ Ticket scanning

✔ Can't attend? Donate!

✔ Unlimited events and tickets

✔ Donation upsells

✔ Text-to-Donate (Extra fee)

✔ Auctions (Extra fee)

✔ Handheld kiosk (Extra fee)

Qgiv offers basic event registration with optional donations features such as handheld kiosks for an additional $129/mo and auctions for $229/mo if paid monthly and $199/mo if paid quarterly. Like Givebutter, Qgiv’s event packages include start-to-finish event management features that make events less stressful. Unlike Givebutter, Qgiv’s free starter package does not include event management features like ticket scanning integrations, but only includes event registration features. For example, the starter package does not include leaderboards, offline donation registration, or text-to-give.

Givebutter offers all event fundraising tools in the free Givebutter Base package - no hidden fees. Some of these advanced features include unlimited events, offline donations and registration, trackable links, automated donor invites, Text-to-Donate, and leaderboards. All attendees can add donations to their ticket purchases on Givebutter, and you can collect donations from those who can't attend. Best of all, there are no limits when it comes to running events on Givebutter. You can create as many free and paid ticket types as you'd like with promo codes, custom quantities, bundles, and more. Most recently, Givebutter unveiled their new virtual events product for live stream fundraising, allowing for ticket registrations and real-time donations before, during, and after your next online event (compatible with Zoom, YouTube/Facebook Live, Twitch, and more).

Learn more about event ticketing on Givebutter and see a live demo here.

Long-term Fundraising Success

✔ Invite unlimited users with distinct roles and permissions

✔ Native integrations with donor CRMs like Bloomerang

✔ Reports & analytics

✔ Offline donation tracking

✔ Make custom receipts and automate email marketing from the dashboard

✔ Easily integrate with 1,000+ third-party apps via Zapier

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✔ Invite unlimited users with distinct roles and permissions

✔ Native integrations with donor CRMs like Bloomerang (Extra fee)

✔ Reports & analytics

✔ Offline donation tracking (Extra fee)

✔ Make custom receipts and automate email marketing from the dashboard

✔ Easily integrate with 1,000+ third-party apps via Zapier

Qgiv’s fundraising software is designed to make donation collection user-friendly for nonprofit organizations. To that end, Qgiv donation forms are turn-key solutions for many nonprofits who lack online fundraising experience and need ease-of-use. However, because Qgiv is optimized for nonprofit donor acquisition, Qgiv may not be the right solution in the long-run for individual and team donor retention.

Givebutter provides an all-in-one fundraising platform that is particularly useful not only for nonprofits, but individuals, businesses, schools, and teams. Some of these donor engagement features include unlimited members, individual and team fundraising tracking, customized forms and emails, and easy integration with thousands of apps. Unlike Qgiv, which does not have donor management features and charges an additional $15/mo to access donor data and reporting, Givebutter’s CRM platform is completely free forever.

Learn more about Givebutter's free all-in-one platform for long-term online fundraising success.

Donation Collection

✔  Accept Venmo

✔  Transparent Fees

✔  Form Customization

Givebutter Donation Options
Accept Venmo
Transparent Fees
Form Customization
Givebutter Donation Options


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Full Comparison

Loved by over 10,000 student orgs, sports teams, nonprofits, companies, and people just like you 💛

Loved by over 10,000 innovative nonprofits, student orgs, sports teams, and individuals just like you.

Givebutter is one of the most innovative and engaging platforms I've seen in that it successfully mobilizes young people to actively fundraise and donate around the causes they care most about. The Givebutter team is dynamic, passionate, and thoughtful - they're an absolute joy to work with.
Rebecca Kaplan
Rebecca Kaplan
It's On Us
Launching an event as a nonprofit can be hard and stressful, but using Givebutter made it exponentially easier. We were able to seamlessly register teams while also collecting donations for our recent 3v3 basketball tournament to end teen suicide. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a fun experience, excellent support, and low fees.
Sue Rosenstock
I am a huge fan of Givebutter!!! The customer service is superb, every time I had a question (and we had a few) they were always super quick to answer. Also, I absolutely love the visual that Givebutter provides - I think it gave the fundraiser life. The focus was on the donors and the impact they were making, which encourages others to donate. I cannot rave about Givebutter enough!
Katherine Najera Villeda
De Manos Con Amor
We quite literally raised over 10 times as much money on Givebutter compared to last year’s event using GoFundMe. I can’t say enough how awesome this platform is for fundraising, and also how much fun we had using it.
David Wong
CMU Greek Week
We loved using Givebutter! It was super easy to set up and keep track of who was fundraising and how much they raised, which makes the person in charge's life SO much easier. We will definitely use Givebutter again, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone!
Brian Grover
Philanthropy Chair
Sigma Chi Derby Days @ DePaul
Thanks to Givebutter, we were able to surpass this year's fundraising goal by over 1,000%! We found the platform to be a powerful way to raise money and awareness for our organization - its design makes social sharing seamless and its interface is extremely easy to navigate and track team progress. The company is constantly innovating and we cannot wait to use Givebutter for our next campaign.
Daniel Lowe
TAMID at Penn
Givebutter was the catalyst to everything for my nonprofit. I love Givebutter because they gave me a beautiful way to show donors what we were doing, interact with each other on the page, and cover all the fees when donating. And the team was there literally every step of the way. Long story short: Givebutter rocks.
Daphne Pariser
Humans for Education

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