Givebutter makes it super-simple to scan tickets, check-in attendees, and assist your attendees on the day of the event.

Every attendee is emailed a PDF ticket from Givebutter after purchasing, which they can print or display on their phone for access to the event. Tickets have two unique identifiers on them:

  • QR code – this is what you'll be scanning (see "Ticket Scanning")
  • Shortcode – 5-digit code you can use to quickly look up and verify tickets via the dashboard (see "Check-ins & Troubleshooting")

Ticket Scanning

Our Ticket Scanning QR Codes work seamlessly with CodeReadr, the leader in mobile ticket scanning. Using CodeReadr, you’ll be able to seamlessly check-in guests right from a mobile app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad. Large event? Multiple devices? Offline syncing? No problem – CodeReadr has got you covered.

Note: if you want scanned tickets on CodeReadr to automatically sync with Givebutter as having “checked in”, please contact us so we can help you get set up. To ensure accuracy and reliable connectivity, scanned tickets (check-ins) will be automatically synced to our system every two rolling minutes.

Each ticket’s QR Code contains unique, embedded check-in data. When you use the CodeReadr app to scan the QR Code on an attendee’s ticket (print or digital), that data is accessed and the ticket is checked-in automatically.

Ta-da, it’s like magic! ✨

Check-Ins & Troubleshooting

Every ticket has a 5-digit shortcode which you can use to quickly look up and verify tickets via the "Tickets" tab in your dashboard. You can also search by name, email, and phone number.

If you aren't able to access this information, it is likely because you haven't been added to the account as an admin or editor.

You can manually check-in attendees by clicking on "Check in", without having to scan their ticket. Once someone is checked-in, the column changes to a green checkmark.

A few notes on the Tickets tab:

  • The search bar is the best and fastest way to search for tickets
  • Filters are useful if you want to export a list of only a certain ticket type, price, etc.
  • Be sure to periodically refresh the table to ensure you are up to date with others (the page does not sync in real time)

Launching an event as a nonprofit can be hard and stressful, but using Givebutter made it exponentially easier. We were able to seamlessly register teams while also collecting donations for our recent 3v3 basketball tournament to end teen suicide. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a fun experience, excellent support, and low fees.

Sue Rosenstock


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