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Combine Givebutter’s powerful fundraising tools with POINT’s all-in-one volunteer management platform to recruit, manage, and mobilize volunteers.

Volunteering and donating are like bread and butter—they just go together. In fact, 85% of volunteers are more likely to donate than non-volunteers.

That’s why Givebutter and POINT, a volunteer platform and management system, have teamed up to make it downright easy for volunteers to make a donation to your organization right on your organization’s POINT page.

Graphic showing an example of a POINT volunteer page

With this integration, you can keep your volunteer management system and fundraising tools connected, convert volunteers into donors faster, and streamline your donation management. 

Volunteer tracking just got butter

POINT brings together everything organizations need to recruit, manage, and engage volunteers with a user-friendly management system and volunteer app. They make it easy (and free!) for nonprofits that depend on volunteers to grow their impact, save time, and keep all of their tools and systems in one convenient place. 

And thanks to the native integration with Givebutter, that now includes accepting donations. 

How does the integration between Givebutter and POINT work?

Nonprofits tracking volunteer hours with POINT can seamlessly embed Givebutter’s modern donate buttons and custom donation forms directly on their volunteer portal. 

When you add a Givebutter donate button to your organization’s POINT page, volunteers looking for ways to make an impact will now see another meaningful way they can contribute. 

Other benefits of this integration include: 

  • Increased donations 🎁 Givebutter donation forms are designed to delight donors and make it easy to give. Volunteers can conveniently contribute to your cause with multiple payment methods, recurring giving options, and descriptions for recommended donation amounts that put the impact of their gift front and center.
  • Actionable insights 📊 When your volunteers become donors via Givebutter, they’ll live in your nonprofit CRM, where you can track activity and segment your data with tags—making it easier to convert volunteers to donors (and donors to volunteers!). 
  • Improved stewardship 💛 With Givebutter’s free nonprofit engagement and marketing tools, you can send compelling, targeted messaging to showcase your success and share volunteer opportunities with your donors to deepen their connection to your cause. 
  • Passionate volunteers 💪 POINT lists all nonprofit organizations in its community directory that users can explore by cause area and location, so it’s easier to target prospective volunteers by their interests and recruit people for your cause.
  • Reclaimed admin hours ⏰ POINT’s time-saving tech includes convenient features like instant volunteer registration, check-in stations (Pro feature), group management, automatic volunteer time tracking, self-submitted volunteer hours, and more.
An example showing how a volunteer from POINT appears as a Givebutter contact in the CRM

How to integrate POINT volunteer management tools with Givebutter

1. Sign up 🧈

Givebutter is free for everyone, and it takes just a few minutes to sign up and get started. And if you don’t already have a POINT account, sign up today to enjoy free volunteer management software.

2. Connect POINT and Givebutter 🔌

Customize your Givebutter donation form to your liking, and then enable the Givebutter integration in your POINT admin dashboard by clicking on “Integrations” in the left-hand menu and then “Fundraising”. Then just copy and paste your donation widget embed code and campaign link to add your Givebutter donate button to your organization’s POINT page.

3. Enjoy powerful fundraising and volunteer management ✨

Volunteers will be able to give through Givebutter right on your public POINT page! Likewise, donors can find your organization on the POINT volunteer app and sign up to help out at your next big event. Spread the word to your supporters about both platforms and watch as the donations come rolling into your Givebutter dashboard. 

⭐️ Read the complete step-by-step guide ->

Raise more, recruit more 💪

Combine Givebutter’s modern fundraising software with POINT’s powerful volunteer platform to fuel more funds toward your mission and boost your people power.

Set up your free Givebutter account and POINT organization profile to get started today. 🧈

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Givebutter solves the problem that many startup nonprofits face: How can we start accepting donations FAST and make it seamless for volunteers to join our fundraising team? It's been really useful. Givebutter makes it easy to set up and start receiving donations, and we can generate multiple fundraising initiatives for our different programs.
Joe Seamons
Co-Founder & Facilitator
The Rhapsody Project

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