Twitter integration

Take your tweets to new heights and raise more for your cause with Givebutter’s built-in integration features for Twitter fundraising.

Twitter (more recently known as “X”) remains in the top five most popular apps for sharing content and connecting with online communities—nonprofit organizations included. 

By taking advantage of this social media giant’s enormous reach and pairing it with Givebutter’s mobile-optimized campaign pages, one-click sharing, and more free fundraising tools and integrations, nonprofits can bring in more Twitter donations in less time. 

Twitter for nonprofits made better with Givebutter

Knowing how to use Twitter for nonprofits helps many organizations connect with new supporters, increase awareness about their cause to other Twitter users, and, of course, raise money. 

Givebutter’s all-in-one fundraising platform integrates with Twitter directly, meaning that all users have immediate access to these Twitter fundraising tools just by signing up and signing into your Twitter account:

  • One-click tweeting 💛 Share your campaign and call to action directly from your Givebutter fundraising page or dashboard. Supporters are also prompted to share your campaign on Twitter immediately after donating!
  • Trackable links 📈 Your peer-to-peer fundraisers and teams can share their personalized campaign pages and add trackable links to their Twitter profiles. 
  • Built-in social media tools 📱 Improve discoverability and click-through rates with dynamic and personalized Open Graph tags and fully optimized campaign pages for Twitter. 

How to fundraise on Twitter with Givebutter

1. Sign up (it’s free!) 🧈

Givebutter is completely free to use and can be set up in just a few minutes. Sign up → 

2. Choose a campaign 🎨

Customize your donation form, fundraising page, or event with your unique branding, goals, and story. 

3. Spread the word 📣

Share your campaign to your Twitter community with one click, and watch the donations come rolling in.

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Twitter best practices for nonprofits

You don’t have to be a famous influencer to be successful with Twitter fundraising. Like other social media for nonprofits, Twitter has its own language and tricks that organizations can put to use without spending too much time online. 

Here are a few additional tips to work into your Twitter fundraising strategy:

  • Add your Givebutter campaign link to your Twitter profile bio for easy access.
  • Tag your supporters, sponsors, and partners in your posts for better visibility and engagement.
  • Retweet, like, and reply to your supporters’ tweets.
  • You can schedule tweets ahead of time, which is very useful during busy campaigns like Giving Tuesday.
  • Create a simple hashtag for your fundraising campaign to use in your tweets and other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Write sample tweets for your supporters and team fundraisers to make it even easier for them to share.
  • Check out if it’s worth leveraging Twitter ads for your nonprofit.

I love how easy the platform is to use! Setup is hassle-free, obtaining your funds at the end is also relatively easy, and it’s easy to share on social media and through other marketing techniques. Givebutter is great for busy teams who want a fast and stress-free fundraising platform.
Emily Garven
Executive Director
Inspiration Performing Arts Inc.
Social media

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