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Enhance your Instagram fundraising and gain deeper donor insights with Givebutter.

It’s probably no surprise that Instagram fundraising has taken the nonprofit world by storm: 75% of Instagram users visit an organization’s website or make a purchase after seeing an ad on the app. 

While Instagram has introduced several useful features for both nonprofits and their individual supporters to raise money for good causes, the platform is limited in what it can do for organizations looking to grow and scale. 

With Givebutter, you can take Instagram donations even further with greater access to donor data, conversion tracking tools, and a full suite of nonprofit marketing and engagement features—all for free. 

How does Givebutter elevate Instagram for nonprofits?

Organizations curious about how to start a fundraiser on Instagram have several options, and Givebutter’s integration tools enable you to enjoy the ease of Instagram marketing without any of its fundraising limitations. 

With Instagram’s in-app fundraisers and native donate button, you get minimal customization and limited payment options—no recurring giving and no custom donation amounts or descriptions. Plus, Instagram fundraisers can only last 30 days. Even more importantly, Instagram gives you very limited information about your donors, making follow-up and further engagement nearly impossible. 

The better strategy for Instagram fundraising—and social media for nonprofits in general—is to set up your campaign or donation form on an all-in-one fundraising platform like Givebutter first, and then use the following tools to maximize your impact: 

  • Spread the word 📣 You can still put all your favorite Instagram sharing features to work! Link to your Givebutter campaign from Instagram posts, your profile bio, stories, and story highlights. Donation stickers on Instagram stories and clickable links make sharing and re-sharing your campaign easier than ever. 
  • One-click sharing 👍 Supporters can post your fundraiser to Instagram (and other social media platforms) directly from your Givebutter campaign page or immediately after donating. 
  • Track conversions 💸 Install a Meta pixel from Instagram to your Givebutter campaign to monitor your progress and track important donor activity and conversions. 
  • Show off your feed ⭐ Embed your Instagram feed in the campaign story section of any Givebutter page or event landing page.
  • Go live 📽️ Use Instagram Live to connect with supporters and raise money for your Givebutter campaign in real time and create engaging video content for your campaign. 
  • Share custom links 🔗 Monitor the success of your campaigns and personalized peer-to-peer fundraising pages with trackable links.
  • Level up 💪 You can set up additional automations between Givebutter and Instagram using Zapier and explore Givebutter’s Facebook donation integration.

How to add a fundraiser to Instagram with Givebutter

Instead of worrying about how to create a fundraiser on Instagram or set up an IG donate button, follow these steps to create the campaign of your dreams directly on Givebutter.

1. Sign up (it’s free!) 🧈

Givebutter is completely free to use and can be set up in just a few minutes. Sign up → 

2. Customize your fundraiser 🎨

Create a donation form, fundraising page, or event on Givebutter with your nonprofit’s unique branding, graphics, and story. 

3. Share your call to action 📣

Link your fundraising campaign in all of your posts and Instagram profile, add stickers with the URL on your Instagram stories, and watch the donations come rolling in. 

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Bring in more Instagram donations with Givebutter 

Say goodbye to the old ways of fundraising on Instagram and hello to Givebutter’s state-of-the-art, always-free tools. Sign up for your free Givebutter account to get started today.

The platform provides crowdfunding tools like sharing on social media along with all of the traditional tools we look for in a fundraising platform, such as monthly giving, embedding on our own website, customizable donation page, and multiple fundraising campaigns. And by allowing donors to pay the processing fees and tip Givebutter, it's essentially free to use!
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