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Get the most out of your donations on Facebook with Givebutter’s optimized fundraising pages, one-click social sharing, and accessible donor data.

With its easy setup and seamless sharing options, it’s not surprising that nearly 40% of nonprofits accept Facebook donations. However, many organizations have discovered certain drawbacks to fundraising directly through this social media platform, including payout delays and lack of access to donor data.

Thankfully, Givebutter’s Facebook integration is specifically designed to help nonprofit organizations get more out of their fundraising efforts on Facebook: more donations, more payment options, and more opportunities to connect with donors. 

Let’s explore how Givebutter makes engaging your target audience and raising money on social media for nonprofits easy, effective, and smooth as butter. 🧈 

How does Givebutter help nonprofits make the most of each Facebook donation?

With Givebutter’s integration with Facebook, nonprofits get the same easy campaign creation benefits they love on Facebook, plus so much more: centralized donor data for long-term success, fewer payout limits, more creative customization, and access to an entire suite of powerful nonprofit marketing and engagement tools—all for free. 

Instead of launching a Facebook fundraiser and trying to download a Facebook donation report—which includes very little donor information—nonprofits can create donation forms, fundraising pages, and events directly on Givebutter and use our native Facebook integration for its fully optimized social sharing options.

Other benefits you’ll enjoy when you use Givebutter’s Facebook integration: 

  • Flexible payment options 💸 With Givebutter, you can accept every kind of payment method: major debit/credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay—even Venmo!
  • Seamless social media optimization ⚡ Givebutter campaign pages are fully optimized for sharing on social media with dynamic and personalized Open Graph tags, which improve post rankings and click-through rates.
  • Easy access 🔑 Sign up and log in to Givebutter using Facebook in just a few clicks.
  • One-click sharing 👍 Supporters can post your fundraiser to Facebook (and other social media platforms) directly from the campaign page or immediately after donating. 
  • Trackable links 🔗 Keep tabs on the progress of your campaign and enable team fundraisers to share trackable linka of their personalized pages to Facebook.
  • Pixel tracking 👀 Add a Facebook pixel to campaign pages to monitor donations and ticket sales.
  • Donor-covered fees 🎁 Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has historically covered payment processing fees for charitable donations made through the platform, but this will no longer be the case come November 2023. On Givebutter, donors are given the option to cover payment processing fees—and 95% choose to! 

How to ask for donations on Facebook with Givebutter 

1. Sign up (it’s free!) 🧈

Givebutter is completely free to use and can be set up in just a few minutes. Sign up →  

2. Launch your campaign 🚀

Customize your nonprofit’s donation form, fundraising page, or event with your unique branding and story.

3. Spread the word 📣

Share your campaign on Facebook with one click, and watch the donations come rolling in. Now your Facebook donation history is built right into your nonprofit CRM—no need to import any data. 

Read the full help center article → 

Drive more Facebook donations with Givebutter

Unlike Facebook, Givebutter helps nonprofits do so much more than just collect donations on social media. Here are even more ways to reach potential donors, raise awareness, and, yes, maximize donations on Facebook with Givebutter: 

  • Bios 👤 Include a link to your Givebutter campaign in your personal Facebook bio and the “About” section of your nonprofit’s Facebook page. 
  • Stories 💬 Easily share your Givebutter event, form, or page in your stories and social media posts.
  • Videos ▶️ Embed a Facebook video right onto your Givebutter campaign page.
  • Livestreams 📽️ Build on the momentum of real-time connection by hosting a Facebook livestream directly on your fundraising event page.
  • And a whole lot more 💪 Connect Facebook with other Givebutter integrations using custom logic or set up your own automations using Zapier's suite of Facebook apps.

Givebutter is a quick and reliable way to fundraise. So much better than Facebook about capturing donor information and maintaining donor engagement.
Kayla Mayes
Exectuive Director
Big Paws of the Ozarks
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