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Learn how to add a donation page on Wix with Givebutter’s free donation forms and donate buttons—no complicated coding required.

Givebutter is the premier free Wix fundraising solution thanks to its industry-low fees and modern all-in-one solution. Using a simple snippet of code, an integration between Givebutter and Wix takes less than five minutes to set up.

How to accept donations on Wix 

Accepting donations on Wix has never been easier. By using Givebutter’s all-in-one fundraising platform, nonprofits can embed custom donate buttons and donation forms onto their Wix website in minutes—all for free.

1. Sign up (it’s free)

Get started by signing up for a free Givebutter account. Once you have your account set up, access the code generated by Givebutter and add it to your Wix account using the custom element option.* We promise you won't need a web developer for this—it's a straightforward process that takes just a few minutes. Sign up → 

*Only paid Wix accounts have access to the custom code feature, but Wix does offer discounted pricing for nonprofits. Learn more about Wix nonprofit pricing →

2. Design your Wix donation plugin

Create and customize donate buttons and donation forms that meet your fundraising needs and match your nonprofit's brand identity in your Givebutter account. You have the flexibility to adjust the text, color, and style and even link them to different campaigns. This way, your donation widgets seamlessly blend with your website's overall design and create a cohesive experience for your supporters.

3. Copy & paste

Every time you create a new donation widget, Givebutter automatically generates the code for you. All you need to do is choose where you want the donation block to appear on your Wix site and then copy and paste the code provided by Givebutter into the Wix web designer. Smooth like butter. 🧈

👉 Read the complete Wix donation setup guide → 

Wix for nonprofits just got better 

Givebutter empowers nonprofits to create unlimited Wix donation widgets in just a few simple steps and utilize 100+ other free fundraising tools. With Givebutter’s free Wix integration, organizations can engage supporters at every turn without any of the hassle (or hefty fees!). 

Givebutter’s free Wix fundraising integration allows nonprofits to:

  • Offer flexible online giving with popular payment methods, including debit/credit, Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay, donor-advised funds, and more.
  • Build sustainable revenue by accepting Wix recurring donations (monthly, quarterly, and yearly).
  • Track and analyze all donations and donor activity automatically through Givebutter’s built-in nonprofit CRM.
  • Grow your nonprofit's online presence and connect with supporters directly using Givebutter's free email and SMS marketing tools.
  • Give donors the opportunity to cover the payment processing fees other Wix plugins typically require nonprofits to pay, so you can keep more of the hard-earned dollars you raise.

Givebutter is the most-loved and highest-rated nonprofit software that has everything nonprofits need to raise more for their missions—all in one place, all completely free. Sign up to start driving more Wix donations today.

My organization uses Wix as our website host. I always want the donation experience to be seamless, meaning that transactions can be completed without having to leave the website. Givebutter's recent updates on widgets have helped me achieve exactly that! I can now add as many buttons as I want to the webpage, and the learning process is quick and easy! Not only is the Givebutter platform is free, it comes with the best communications team I ever worked with.
Thavy Hout
Communications & Development Associate
English for New Bostonians

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