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15 enticing auction packages for nonprofit fundraisers

Get inspired to go big at your next fundraising event with this list of exciting ideas for charity auction packages. Plus, learn about the best sites for procuring silent auction vacations and other irresistible items.

Anna Bean
March 11, 2024
Nerd Mr Butter

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Table of contents

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An auction, whether silent or of the paddle-raising variety, is an excellent way to raise money for a nonprofit organization. Plus, you can take it a step further by offering appealing auction packages that generate higher bids and bring in even more cash for your cause. That said, sourcing these items and experiences can be time-consuming, and coordinating fulfillment details may start to feel like its own full-time job. 

Thankfully, several new sites have made it easier than ever to find, create, and fulfill auction packages for nonprofits. We’ll cover the best travel auction websites and other resources for corporate donations for nonprofit auctions, along with 15 delightful ideas for big-ticket charity travel packages that are sure to get you closer to your fundraising goals. 

Before you begin sourcing auction travel packages

While different from silent auction baskets, auction packages can also include physical items in addition to vacations and experiences. While dreaming up and sourcing packages for your auction, make sure to keep the needs and interests of your community—and your nonprofit—in mind. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • What range of price points can your donor base realistically afford? 💸
  • What kinds of experiences connect to your mission or the interests of your supporters? 💛
  • Are the packages offered risk-free? Are reserve prices modest? 💰
  • What fees will your nonprofit have to pay, if any? 🤑
  • Who will handle fulfillment and logistics for winners? 🏃
  • Are packages entirely inclusive? Are concierge services provided? 😎

With these considerations in mind, let’s dive into some charity auction packages to get your wheels turning. 

1. Luxury beach vacation ⛱️

This classic vacation fundraising offering—a trip to the beach—will always have takers. Think about what kind of beach experience will be most appealing to your bidders—gay beaches, kid-friendly destinations, couples-only retreats, or a Caribbean cruise beach-hopping adventure?

2. Experience Broadway in the Big Apple 🍎

A long weekend hotel stay in New York City that includes tickets to a Broadway show (or two)? Yes, please! As a more affordable alternative, a regional theater excursion closer to home could also be worth looking into. 

3. Golf getaway ⛳

Whether it’s a local golf and spa trip or a tour of Ireland’s best courses, a golf auction package will certainly bring in big-time bids. See if a new set of clubs can be added as an extra incentive.

4. Cooking class 🧑‍🍳

Depending on pricing, you could opt for a one-on-one virtual lesson or offer an intimate in-person class package for your winning bidder and five foodie friends. Or, provide both packages for bidding to cover a range of income levels for your donors. 

5. Glamping 🏕️

Roughing it in the great outdoors… isn’t for everyone. But enjoying the beauty of nature with the comforts of home at arm’s reach may just be the charity vacation package that checks all the boxes for your supporters. 

6. VIP concert tickets 👩‍🎤

Create an unforgettable experience for your donors with backstage passes, meet-and-greet access, and the best seats in the house. You can spark even greater generosity with an extra special spectacle like the Country Music Awards or a big festival for another genre your community grooves to. 

7. Family ranch adventure 🐴

Picture horseback riding, taking in beautiful vistas, and roaring evening campfires. A ranch destination trip package holds appeal for families, couples, and solo travelers alike. Be warned: Including custom cowboy hats could potentially result in a bidding war—yeehaw! 

8. European destination 🇪🇺

Paris, Tuscany, Barcelona… you really cannot go wrong with a trip to Europe. Think about what kind of traveling your supporters will be most excited about. A food and wine tour in the Italian countryside? Beaches in the South of France? Or, perhaps a more urban, museum-hopping experience? 

9. Wine and cheese 🧀

You don’t have to leave the continent to enjoy culinary delights from around the world. From a wine of the month subscription to a session with a sommelier, you can create a fabulous package that includes some sleek new wine glasses, a cheese board, a fruit basket, and all the accompanying spreads for the full experience. 

10. Football fans 🏈

We’re talking English soccer, NFL, or even American college football games. High-value tickets for a local favorite or all-inclusive packages for a far-away game will get your sports fans buzzing and bidding.  

11. Box seats bonanza 🏁

Step up the superfan experience with a suite package for a Formula 1 race, big NFL game, basketball playoff, cricket tournament—you name it. When food, drinks, and foam fingers are included, everyone wins. 

12. Safari trip 🦁

The adventure of a lifetime, safari travel auction packages are the kind of offering that will really stand out in your lineup. Watch the bids roll in while basking in the relief that your nonprofit won’t have to coordinate the details. 

13. Northern lights 🤩

Another once-in-a-lifetime experience, just in a slightly different climate. This unique fundraising idea to see the Aurora Borealis in all its glory is sure to turn heads. Look for nearby ski resorts to create an even more enticing vacation auction offering. 

14. Disney World 🐭

Any parents can tell you that while a Disney vacation is magical, the expenses can add up quickly. If your donors are already going to make the investment, they might as well do so for a cause they love! 

15. Bed and breakfast ☕

The perfect antidote to the stress of family trips, the bed and breakfast experience does not have to require expensive travel or long distances. You’ll have plenty of takers for a quaint, relaxing, kid-free weekend. 

Our favorite travel auction sites

Hunting down vacation donations for nonprofit organizations no longer means hassling wealthy acquaintances about timeshares and cobbling together a vacation “package” that you have to be the point of contact for. 

These three purveyors of charity auction travel packages can help you elevate your auction without too much (if any) extra legwork or hefty upfront costs.  

Inspirato for Good 💡

Inspirato for Good creates unforgettable experiences for donors and generates higher bids for nonprofit fundraisers by offering unlimited luxury travel packages—including vacation homes, hotels, and resorts.

Your winning bidders get pre-trip planning, an on-site concierge, and daily housekeeping. You get a smooth, commitment-free process for your auction. Win-win! Beyond a modest reserve price, nonprofits receive the entire winning bid amount, and full trip fulfillment services are taken care of on your behalf. (Phew! 🙌)

Winspire 🌟

With Winspire’s travel auction items, you can easily source and add custom charity travel packages and events to your auction with no risk and no upfront costs. By catering experiences to specific locations and price points, Winspire enables nonprofits to offer a range of auction packages that meet their bidders’ interests and income levels. 

Like Inspirato, they provide everything from trip coordination to item descriptions for your auction platform. 

TheShareWay 🤝

No more cold calls and door-to-door solicitations. TheShareWay is a directory of businesses that provide auction items for nonprofits, food and beverage donations for events, and more. They’ve done all the grunt work of seeking out companies with donation programs, and they’ve compiled all of the information and instructions to apply or make each request. You can search for hotels, airlines, and any kind of item to make your auction packages pop. 

The best part? Givebutter partners with all three of these platforms to make building the auction of your dreams as seamless as possible.  

Raise more and stress less with Givebutter auctions

Planning a successful auction fundraiser has never been easier, thanks to new online tools for sourcing and procuring top auction packages without the extra legwork. 

When comparing your options, make sure to look closely at the quality, cost, and customer service you’re signing up for. And don’t forget to offer a variety of experiences and price points so that all of your bidders have the opportunity to get in on the action. 

When you create your free silent auction fundraiser with Givebutter, you can offer the best vacation packages from our partners and save hours of planning with:

  • Free, modern auction software built-in to a user-friendly, all-in-one nonprofit fundraising platform
  • Simple auction setup and mobile bidding options for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events
  • All the marketing tools you need to promote your charity fundraising packages

Elevate your auction without any extra legwork

To make things even more convenient, Givebutter’s integration with Inspirato for Good allows you to easily select luxury auction vacation packages and feature them in your auction item lineup without leaving your Givebutter dashboard. 

Givebutter is proud to have the highest ratings on G2 for nonprofit auctions, and we can’t wait to see even bigger donations come through for your good cause thanks to even butter auction packages. 

Sign up for your free Givebutter account and see for yourself how these platforms combined can level up your fundraising for good. 

Additional auction planning resources

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