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Introducing: Events on Givebutter - Sell Tickets and Fundraise at the Same Time

We couldn't be more excited to officially introduce the highly-anticipated Events product to Givebutter's fundraising suite.

Max Friedman
November 7, 2018
Nerd Mr Butter

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Table of contents


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Please note that this blog post was originally published on 11/7/2018 and may contain outdated information. For the latest information on what Givebutter offers, please visit Givebutter's feature directory and pricing page.

We couldn't be more excited to officially introduce the highly-anticipated Events product to Givebutter's fundraising suite, marking a new chapter for our company, our users, and the fundraising event space as a whole.

Collect, Fundraise, Events

We built Events as our third flagship product because so many organizations on Givebutter were already using Givebutter for events, despite the fact that we had no actual "event" functionality actually built-in. For example, we frequently noticed fundraising campaigns on Givebutter that revolved around an in-person event and asked people for a minimum donation in order to gain entry, requiring donors to show their donation receipts at the door as a substitute for a ticket.

After many conversations with these campaign organizers, we realized that there was a huge opportunity to fill the gap between fundraising platforms like GoFundMe and ticketing platforms like Eventbrite.

And so, we built Events for a very specific kind of event: a fundraising event.

Givebutter Events

You can now sell tickets to your events right on top of the same Givebutter fundraising campaign format you already know and love, with a whole bunch of cool new event-specific features built-in:

Check out a full demo of Givebutter Events over at demo.givebutter.com/events
  • Create an event and display the details (date/time, location, map, "add to calendar" button, etc...) on your campaign page
  • Sell both free and paid tickets on your campaign
  • Encourage attendees to add an optional donation on top of their ticket purchase
  • Encourage people who can't attend to still make a donation without purchasing a ticket
  • Auto-issue tickets via email as PDF attachments with QR codes
  • Set minimum and maximum purchase amount on tickets, as well as total event capacity
  • Add team members to generate friendly competition by tracking dollars raised as well as the number of tickets sold per member

How to get started with events

Creating an Event campaign on Givebutter takes less than five minutes. Existing users can simply head to their dashboard and start a new campaign, and new users can sign up then do the same. (Guide: Getting Started with Givebutter)

Click on the plus button next to "Campaigns" in your dashboard to create a new campaign, and then choose "Events" from the three campaign types

Once you set a title and create your Events campaign, you'll now have access to a brand-new "Event" tab in your Campaign Manager. This is where you'll enter all of your event details and add paid and free tickets to your campaign

Click on the "Event" tab in your Campaign Manager to edit/add event and ticket details.

That's it! Once tickets start rolling in, you'll have access to them in a dedicated "Tickets" tab on the lefthand side of your dashboard (separate from "Donations").

Click on the "Tickets" tab on the sidebar to view tickets sold.

Why should I use Givebutter Events instead of Eventbrite?

Similar to our mission here at Givebutter, Eventbrite offers a world-class product at an affordable price. And for many kinds of events, we think Eventbrite offers a great product. Most importantly: Eventbrite is an events platform, whereas Givebutter is a fundraising platform

There are several stylistic differences on an Eventbrite page from a Givebutter page that are important to note when choosing between the two. For example, Givebutter pages have a goal bar, supporter feed, customizable donations, team fundraising features, and more that Eventbrite does not. Evenbrite has excellent features for power users and event organizers with advanced logistics requirements. On both Givebutter and Eventbrite, attendees can add donations on top of their ticket price, but only on Givebutter can you collect donations from people who can't attend.

As a final point of comparison, it's also worth noting that Givebutter's pricing for events is significantly lower than Eventbrite's pricing (most users will require Eventbrite's Professional Tier, which is most comparable to Givebutter's offering).

Head here for an even more in-depth comparison of Givebutter vs. Eventbrite.

Sounds awesome! What's next?

Sign up for free, learn more about Events, check out a live demo of the new product in action, or [reach out to us](http://If you have any questions about these updates, please reach out to us — we're always happy to help, and we can't wait to see what you accomplish.) with any questions you have. Once you sign up (or if you're already an existing user), simply head to your dashboard, start a new campaign, and choose "Events" from the three options to get started.

Also new this month:

Although the following updates don't pertain to events specifically, we wanted to include them in this month's new feature roundup so you don't miss a beat!

🤑 Donate with PayPal

Just a few days ago, we rolled out PayPal as a new payment method across all campaigns site-wide, and it's been really interesting to see that ~20% of all donors since have chosen it as their payment method. PayPal provides a reliable and trusted source for your donors to give with, and in many cases can speed up their payment process significantly if they already have their payment information on file. **See it in action**​

💡 New "Solutions" landing pages

Check out our all-new dedicated landing pages for student groups, nonprofits, sports teams, and companies. We're especially proud to have been able to feature so many of our amazing users across these four distinct pages, and if you know a group or organization who might benefit from Givebutter, please feel free to pass the corresponding link along!

⚖️ Compare Givebutter with popular fundraising alternatives

We're very excited to share something we've wanted to release ever since we started Givebutter: a side-by-side comparison table of Givebutter vs. every major fundraising site. We plan to add even more alternatives to the table soon, and we've also written some very thorough, in-depth articles directly comparing Givebutter with PayPalGoFundMe, and Eventbrite – with many more to come.​

👀 Sneak peek at what's next in our roadmap

  • Advanced Team Fundraising - create teams within teams
  • Zapier Integration - connect with thousands of third-party apps
  • Recurring Donations - accept weekly, monthly, yearly donations
  • Website Embeds - put Givebutter campaigns on your own website
  • Any requests? Send us your ideas! We love hearing from you.

If you have any questions about these updates, please reach out to us — we're always happy to help, and we can't wait to see what you accomplish.

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