Record offline and regular donations (cash, check, Venmo, etc,) to your fundraising campaigns right from your dashboard

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Record offline and regular donations (cash, check, Venmo, etc,) to your fundraising campaigns right from your dashboard

✅ Offline Donations.

After releasing our most ambitious product roadmap yet for 2019, we're thrilled to have already checked a big one off of our list.

No matter where you receive your donations, you can now record them to any campaign on Givebutter with all of the built-in benefits of tracking, email sending, and advertising the donation.

With Givebutter's new offline donations features, you can:

1. Process donations to a specific campaign right from the Donations tab in your dashboard (not just offline donations! This is great for taking credit card payments over the phone, in person, etc.)

2. You have the option to credit specific teams and members with donations. If you're selling tickets, you can buy/issue those from here as well!

3. Customize the donation (optional): add messages, GIFs, drawings, and photos to make the donation look great in the feed

4. Choose "Cash" or "Check" as the payment method to record an offline donation and optionally send donors an email receipt with your custom thank you message

5. Offline donations will appear in your Donations tab, just like any other donation, with "Check" or "Cash" shown as the payment method

6. And finally, any donations made through the dashboard will also get displayed on the corresponding campaign's Supporter Feed, Total Raised, Donor Count, Goal Bar progress, and Team/Member pages​

In a nutshell, donations that are processed through your dashboard are treated exactly like any other donation on Givebutter, but give you some awesome new abilities for quickly recording offline payments, sending those donors email receipts, and processing all kinds of payments quickly and directly all in one place.

We're living in an age where the tools for raising and donating money are constantly evolving, and it's our goal for Givebutter to help you take advantage. With the addition of Offline Donations, Givebutter can truly be a central hub for all of your giving activity.

So, what else is new?

Glad you asked! As you may have noticed from the screenshots above, our dashboard got a bit of a redesign. Here are some of the key changes:

  • We got rid of the extra account sidebar and put those inside of an account switcher for greater simplicity 😌
  • Your profile now lives in the top right corner of the dashboard, instead of being buried inside of your Personal account 👤
  • More obvious locations for account settings, group page, and starting a new campaign 🔎
  • Clicking "Campaigns" now takes you to a page displaying all of your campaigns 🙌
  • New icons! C'mon, how cute is that piggy bank? 🐽

What's next?

For February, we've got a whole new signup flow on its way, as well as drastically improved onboarding for new users and members, even more dashboard updates, and maybe even a surprise or two... it's a short month, so let's get cranking!

Written By

Written by
Max Friedman
Co-Founder and CEO of Givebutter