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At SOAR Partners, we're dedicated to finding innovative solutions to today's most complex social challenges. As a social impact consulting and technology company, our mission is to empower organizations, particularly nonprofits, to amplify their positive impact on society.

Our Expertise: SOAR Partners offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to support nonprofits and drive meaningful change. Our areas of expertise include:

  1. Grants & Fundraising Strategy and Management: We partner with nonprofits to develop effective grant strategies, identify funding opportunities, and manage the entire fundraising process, ensuring a steady stream of resources to fuel their missions.
  2. Fractional C-Suite Services: Our seasoned professionals can serve as interim Chief Development Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers, or Chief Executive Officers, providing strategic leadership and operational expertise when organizations need it most.
  3. Administrative Support & Technical Assistance: From project management to data analysis, our team provides tailored administrative and technical support to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
  4. Financial Management & Accounting Outsourcing: We offer comprehensive financial management services, including accounting, budgeting, and reporting, ensuring fiscal responsibility and compliance.
  5. Transformations & Receiverships: During times of transition or restructuring, we guide organizations through complex transformations, receiverships, and turnarounds, ensuring continuity and long-term sustainability.
  6. Impact-Driven Technologies: Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we develop innovative solutions that drive social impact, from custom software development to data analysis and visualization tools.

Our Approach: Human-Centered Design

At the core of our work is a human-centered design approach that prioritizes the needs and experiences of the individuals we serve. We begin by conducting research, interviews, and focus groups to develop empathy and a deep understanding of the challenges at hand.

Then, we ideate and prototype potential solutions, working collaboratively with our clients to implement sustainable, person-centered strategies that truly make a difference.

Trusted Partners: SOAR Partners has a proven track record of success working with a diverse range of organizations, including nonprofits, government agencies, and social enterprises. Our clients trust us to deliver innovative solutions that drive positive social impact while aligning with their unique goals and values.Join us on the journey to create a better world. With SOAR Partners as your Givebutter Expert, you'll have a dedicated partner committed to equipping your nonprofit with the strategies, resources, and technologies needed to amplify your impact and create lasting change.


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Hi, I'm

Brooklyn Cadwallader

Vice President of SOAR Partners
Focusing on social entrepreneurship in college at Oral Roberts University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude, Brooklyn led the startup of the social business organization, ORU Enactus, first as Vice President and then as President; in both positions she showed significant success in managing a team to achieve goals focused on both business and social impact. Today, Brooklyn serves non-profit and for-profit clients through the introduction and coordination of innovative technologies, strategies, and systems; in this work she has also led grant projects which have raised over $22 million in funding.

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