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The Nonprofit Plug LLC is your one-stop shop consulting firm for those impacting the global community and anything your nonprofit needs!

The NPP forms and incorporates tax-exempt charitable nonprofits (we do all the state and IRS paperwork for you!), ensures yearly compliance, ensures proper financial management, identifies and prepares organizations to be grant ready, creates a culture of impactful donor cultivation, develops strategic plans, provides community engagement and collaboration to enhance private and governmental relationships, and provides the board of director management services. We'll even brand your entire nonprofit and assist in creating a digital brand presence that appeals to your community, donors and reflects your mission.

We are a one-stop shop for everything NONPROFIT!


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Get help from an in-person events expert


Captivate your potential supporters on your campaign pages with the help of professional storytellers and copywriters

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Online Fundraising

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Engage your community via social media

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Hi, I'm

Sharon Elefant

Founder and CEO of The Nonprofit Plug

Dr. Sharon Elefant, Founder and CEO of The Nonprofit Plug, consults with various individuals to form and incorporate 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organizations. Dr. Elefant specializes in supporting nonprofits to develop their organizational and administrative infrastructure, strategic vision, implementation plans, fund and growth development, and relationship cultivation. Additionally, she is adjunct faculty for Central Michigan University, Florida International University, and Pacific Oaks College specializing in health care business curriculum, supporting academic excellence in student advising, mentoring, and internship programs at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Living by the concept of Tikkun Olam, to repair the world, Dr. Sharon Elefant is an inclusive social justice advocate, educator, and nonprofit leader with a proven track record of building, growing, and enhancing organizational and fund development efforts on both a national and global level.

​As an international advisor to nonprofit organizations throughout the world, Dr. Elefant aids these nonprofits in strategic planning, business infrastructure development, fund development, and board creation and engagement, as well as developing private and governmental relationships. As a nonprofit consultant, she has been instrumental in the formation and incorporation of many nonprofits.

Dr. Elefant and her team at The Nonprofit Plug have served in roles such as interim Executive Director at Karma Rescue, as the Executive Director for Engage the Vision, and has held previous roles such as the California representative for outreach and relationships for Project Giving Kids, advisor, and consultant to the Rodney King Foundation, The Connect, and hundreds of other nonprofits, specializing in development, building infrastructure, and building partners.

As a nonprofit consultant, Dr. Elefant serves as business advisor, offering strategies for grant infrastructure development and donor cultivation and stewardship.

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