Double the Donation fundraising integration

Automate your matching gift fundraising with 360MatchPro, the industry-leading solution by Double the Donation.

One of the best—and easiest—ways to hit your fundraising goal is to leverage matching gifts to potentially double (or triple!) your donations by tapping into existing donor networks. 

Unfortunately, there's a massive untapped potential of $4-7 billion in unclaimed matching gift revenue each year—highlighting the gap that still exists between nonprofits and corporate giving programs.

But here's the good news: Givebutter and Double the Donation offer a seamless integration that allows nonprofits to embed matching gift search elegibility right into their donation forms with ease. This means no more missed opportunities for unclaimed matching gifts, maximizing your fundraising efforts, and unlocking additional revenue streams.

What is Double the Donation?

Double the Donation is a platform that uses your existing donor base to find corporate sponsors. These corporate sponsors, in turn, can be sent automated marketing materials requesting matching gifts.

How does Double the Donation work?

Everything is done through the 360MatchPro plugin built by Double the Donation—an automation tool that sets up matching gift programs for your nonprofit organization. 

360MatchPro syncs seamlessly with Givebutter's fundraising software to help you find corporate sponsors and ultimately hit your campaign goal. 

Here’s how the 360MatchPro plugin works:

  • 👏 Donation: An individual donates to your good cause through your Givebutter donation form, fundraising page, event, or donate button embedded on your website.
  • 💬 Company search: 360MatchPro searches through their matching gift database, trying to find a corporation that offers a matching gift program that’s connected to the individual who just made the contribution.
  • ✅ Confirmation: 360MatchPro confirms that a corporation offers a matching gift program.
  • 📩 Automated message: 360MatchPro drafts an automated matching gift request message to send to the corporate sponsor. Donors will also receive a follow-up email with everything they need to finalize and submit their matching gift request.

The 360MatchPro platform provides nonprofits with tools to identify match-eligible donors, guide donors through the submission process to drive matches to completion, and gain actionable insights.

How to get started in 3 simple steps

1. Sign up 🧈

Sign up for your free Givebutter account and determine which Double the Donation pricing plan is best for your nonprofit. 

2. Find your API key 🔑

Once both accounts are set up, copy and paste the API Key that Double the Donation creates for you into your Givebutter dashboard.

3. Raise more 🚀

Let supporters know it’s now easier than ever to double the impact of their donation through a matching gift. They can find companies that match donations right in the donation flow next time they give to your good cause. 

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9 ways to use Double the Donation to take your fundraising to the next level

Thanks to the native integration between Double the Donation and Givebutter, you can add matching gift functionality into every part of your fundraising strategy. 

Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips, tools, and ideas to help get your gears turning:

  • Add a donate button 🎉 As a nonprofit, your fundraising season runs year-round—not just in the midst of a campaign blitz. Add a permanent donate button to the prime real estate of your website (think the top navigation, your footer, or a dedicated "donate" page) with built-in match functionality to increase matching gift revenue.
  • Host an event 🎫 Sell tickets to a gala, carnival, or charity golf tournament. When a donor buys a ticket, have a built-in option to include a matching gift from their employer.
  • Set up recurring donations ✊ Some of your most loyal donors will want to support you year-round. Enable matching-gift automation for recurring donations, bringing in twice the amount.
  • Utilize a variety of outreach methods 📣 Between Givebutter and 360MatchPro, there are plenty of matching gift tools to help with your outreach strategy. Send follow-up messages via SMS, text, and email to help increase donations.
  • Get competitive with teams 🏆 Encourage a little friendly competition through peer-to-peer fundraising or team fundraising. Each "team" can be employed by a different corporation, and the donation team who raises the most funds through matching gifts wins.
  • Send custom thank-you messages 💛 Through Givebutter, each donor receives automated receipts with each contribution. Include matching gift information with each thank-you message, inviting them to participate in their employer's matching gift program.
  • Get active on social 🎉 Run a social media campaign dedicated to raising awareness about matching gift donations. Encourage your audience to speak to their employers about launching an employee-matching gift program.
  • Keep tabs on your progress 🎯 Be sure to track 360MatchPro's actionable insights throughout your campaign. This allows you to capture a high-level overview of the matching gift process and identify new potential opportunities.
  • Collect a variety of payment methods 💰 Make it easy for individuals and corporations alike to donate to your organization. With Givebutter, you can collect donations through Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, donor-advised funds, and other popular payment methods.

Raise more through Double the Donation matching gifts

Each year, billions of potential corporate donation dollars get left on the table. To help find more corporate sponsors for your good cause, take advantage of Givebutter’s seamless integration with Double the Donation and built-in donation matching software.

The 360MatchPro automation tool by Double the Donation will help you automatically find matching gift partners for your good cause. And by integrating the 360MatchPro plugin with your Givebutter fundraising site, you can raise more money through ticketed events, virtual livestream fundraisers, recurring donations, and even your standard donate button on your website.

Ready to see how Double the Donation and Givebutter can help you raise more money in less time? Create your free Givebutter account today to get started.

Givebutter works perfectly, and has all the features we need: peer-to-peer fundraising; team and fundraiser performance tracking; and alternative payment methods like Venmo, digital wallets, and PayPal. Plus, it’s easy to use both for our staff and our donors. We really like the ticketing feature, the ability to livestream events on our pages, and the API with Double the Donation for matching gifts. They have a five-star support team, and it took less than a day to learn everything we need and get set up. The biggest upside to using Givebutter is that it is a donor-centric, flawless online giving platform.
Alisa V.
Metro YMCAs of the Oranges

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