Givebutter's 2020 year in review

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Givebutter's 2020 year in review

In a year that was unpredictable in almost every way, at least one thing collectively held strong through it all – The Givebutter Fam. 

This post is a testament to you, Fam. To your resilience. Your adaptability. Your determination. Your heart.

Despite every challenge, you rose to the occasion. You adopted new technologies. You pivoted in-person events to online. You cut costs and made tough decisions. You doubled-down on community, even if that could only happen on Zoom.

But perhaps most of all: you made it

And to celebrate, here’s a shortlist of what we accomplished, together, along the way:

💛 Giving got personal

Over 250 nonprofits are now delivering on-brand giving experiences with Givebutter’s new Pro and Premium white-label features, backed by an all-star Customer Success team.

⚡️ Time was money

With the launch of 100+ new dashboard features, such as duplicating campaigns and automated payouts, nonprofits like the Local Media Association saved countless hours creating, updating, and managing their 150+ fundraisers (helping them raise over $1.5M along the way!).

🎥 Virtual events changed everything

In a year where we couldn’t meet in person, the Givebutter Fam held 15,650 (virtual) events, with 69,055 tickets sold. Wow.

Thousands of organizations, such as BBYO, were forced to make quick pivots in Spring 2020, and in doing so helped pioneer Givebutter’s Live Stream Fundraising technology back in March 2020 – still one of the first and only fundraising event solutions to offer live streaming capabilities with real-time pages.

🚂 All-aboard the integration station

In 2020 alone, we officially welcomed more than 1,000 new Butter Fam members integrating with Bloomerang, ThankView, and Zapier. With many more on the way!

🙌 Partners stepped up when we needed them most

Eleven nonprofit experts shared their expertise with the Givebutter community as part of an all-new Verified Partners Program, including two that are helping put on the first annual Toasty AwardsExV Agency and Ignite: Action. Join us at on February 11!

😱 0% Platform Fees: the new normal

Givebutter waived platform fees indefinitely, officially switching its pricing model and enabling organizations to always control what their donors see when it comes to transaction fees and tips – an unprecedented move in the industry. In doing so, the Butter Fam has saved an estimated $2M in platform fees in 2020 alone, empowering nonprofits like GetUsPPE to put 100% of donations back towards their mission.

🔁 Eat. Sleep. Give. Repeat.

Sustainability has never been more important for nonprofits, so we were delighted to see organizations like the Dream Center Foundation use our all-new recurring donations features to grow their repeat donor bases exponentially.

✅ Nonprofit verification: check!

Just one month after updating our verification process in December 2020, over 1,000 nonprofits have been verified on Givebutter, such as NAMI Nevada, giving them access to even more exclusive benefits like faster settlement times and ACH payments, with more on the way.

💃 Communities engaged virtually like never before

With the launch of Givebutter’s highly anticipated new Supporter Feed, nonprofits on Givebutter such as The Bululu Well Project saw a MAJOR increase in community engagement, with over 70% of donors leaving comments and messages of support.

📈 The Butter Fam grew. A lot.

You collectively powered 10-20x year-over-year growth in nearly every metric we track here at Givebutter, including our incredible team – a true testament to your resilience, adaptability, and our shared mission: to help others. 💛

Here's to an even butter 2021. 🎉

Join us as we celebrate the Butter Fam's achievements at on February 11th.

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Written by
Max Friedman
Co-Founder and CEO of Givebutter