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We're hiring! Plus, five new features and Givebutter Pro ✨

After a full year of building, testing, and iterating based on your feedback, we are so excited to introduce the next evolution of Givebutter.

Max Friedman
September 19, 2019
Nerd Mr Butter

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Table of contents


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Please note that this blog post was originally published on 9/19/2019 and may contain outdated information. For the latest information on what Givebutter offers, please visit Givebutter's feature directory and pricing page.

We’ve got an exciting update coming your way: it includes five new features, two new pricing plans, and one big announcement… (hint: we’re hiring!)

Five new features 😍

The features just keep coming! After announcing four new fundraising features last month and seeing tremendous adoption, we were able to knock five more off our list built specifically for the all-new Givebutter Pro (more on that later!):

🌿 Advanced fundraising formats

Power up your fundraising efforts with dynamic page layouts built for any type of fundraising campaign. Advanced Fundraising Formats work seamlessly with all core Givebutter features and are especially effective for Giving Days, Nested Fundraising campaigns, and a unique format we call Spotlight Fundraising. All Advanced Fundraising Formats work great with Multi-Team Fundraising, too, and are the preferred method for most campaigns raising over $100,000.

See a live demo of a Nested Fundraising Event or Learn More

📳 Text-to-Donate

With text message open rates over 98% and 9 out of every 10 adults in the US owning smartphones, it's more important than ever to reach donors where they are. Text-to-Donate by Givebutter enables you to share a dedicated shortcode and phone number with your supporters from anywhere — at an event, on social media, etc. — with features like Venmo, team fundraising, and recurring donations built-in.

Learn more about Text-to-Donate


⚡️ Third-party integrations**

With Givebutter, your donors can automatically sync with 1,000+ third-party services, including Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Google Sheets, and more. Discover new integrations, like automatically sending custom handwritten thank-you cards to every new donor who gives over a specified amount. This is just one of the countless automations you can take advantage of with Givebutter's integrations library, powered by Zapier.

Learn more about our integrations

📈 Account-level analytics

Givebutter can help you consolidate your donations, fundraising campaigns, events, and more, with awesome reporting tools that work seamlessly across your entire account.

Learn more about Account-level analytics

🏷 Custom branding

Givebutter already makes it simple to embed any campaign on your own website, and now with our custom branding features, you can own the donor experience from start to finish by removing "Powered by Givebutter" from the bottom of the embedded donation form. We are launching more custom branding features soon, so stay tuned!

Two new pricing plans 💸

Over the past year, we've launched many new features across four new products (Collect, Fundraise, Events, and Platform). Initially, we planned to launch Pro versions of all four (i.e. Collect Pro, Fundraise Pro) – each with its own features and fees. This generally made sense, but after speaking with users we found it added unnecessary complexity to our pricing and limited many of you from taking full advantage of our platform.

Givebutter Base

Instead, we've decided to take these products, as well as many features initially earmarked for Pro (such as recurring donations and website embeds), and include them completely free in a brand new plan we are calling Givebutter Base.

How does this change affect existing users?

If you're currently a Givebutter user, your account has been automatically moved to the Givebutter Base plan. This means you can continue to take advantage of all the same features you were before, plus some new ones, completely free! (note: Events campaigns now have a simple 3% platform fee instead of 2% + 39¢ per ticket)

Givebutter Pro

Suffice to say, our Base plan is a perfect fit for the vast majority of groups, teams, and organizations using Givebutter today. However, as certain accounts have grown while using Givebutter, so have their needs. So, with their incredible support, we have designed Givebutter Pro to offer several brand-new features and additional benefits for the low cost of just $99/mo.

What’s included with Givebutter Pro?

All five new features we are launching today — Advanced fundraising formats, Text-to-donate, Third-party integrations, Account-level analytics, and Custom branding — are included with a Givebutter Pro subscription, in addition to Priority Support – the best and fastest way to reach the Givebutter team – plus exclusive access to advanced add-ons like chapter fundraising and custom integrations.

How much does Pro cost?

Givebutter Pro starts at just $99/mo billed annually, or $199/mo billed monthly. Contact us for a 14-day free trial or upgrade from directly inside of your dashboard.

Are there additional fees?

So many users have told us how much they love our low and transparent fees that we decided to keep them the exact same for Pro customers. These platform fees range from just 1-3% based on product, with an average overall fee of just 0.5%. Learn more here.

Is there a way to upgrade to Pro without paying a monthly fee?

Yes, we can offer free or heavily discounted Pro upgrades, with increased fees, on a case-by-case basis. If interested, please contact us and tell us more about your particular use case.

Where can I get started?

If you haven’t yet, create an account! Once signed in to your dashboard, visit your Account Settings > Billing tab where you'll see a blue "Upgrade to Pro" button. It's that easy!

Join our team! We're hiring 🚀

After a summer of incredible growth for Givebutter, we're so excited to be hiring for two important full-time roles:

💛 Customer Success Manager

Grow and support this amazing Givebutter community.

About the job: We're looking for a hard-working individual who will become the first member of our Customer Success team. This will be a diverse and unique role spanning the entire customer journey — from support to sales to marketing. No previous experience is necessary, but extremely strong writing and communication skills are a must. Learn more and apply here.

💻 Front-End Developer

Build products that literally change lives every single day.

About the job: We're looking for a hard-working individual to join our company as a product engineer. This role will involve building, deploying, and maintaining production code across several Givebutter products. You will have ownership over the project you’re working on and make real product decisions on a daily-basis. Learn more and apply here.

Would you or someone you know be a great fit? Apply at the links above or pass them along!

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