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Automatic Receipts



Givebutter automatically issues email receipts after every donation and/or ticket purchase. See this link for an example of what the email receipt may look like for a donor, which can be personalized with a thank you message of your own.

As an admin or team member, Givebutter also makes it super easy to follow up with an even more individualized thank you message by sending you an email notification that someone has just donated. We'll set the donor's email address as the Reply-To address, and link to their email address ("Send ____") in the email body as well:

Email received by the account admin and/or team member

If you are a nonprofit that is currently sending acknowledgements manually, automatic receipts can also be an excellent tool for speeding up the process of sending tax receipts while also reducing the margin for human error. This even works with offline donations, which you can process right from your dashboard.

Learn more about Dashboard Payments and Offline Donations

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