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Collect additional information from supporters when they are making a donation

There are countless benefits to using Custom Fields. Not only might you need to know specific pieces of information on your supporters, but having good data is critical to long-term fundraising success. Fortunately, we’ve made it easy to collect additional information from your donors, attendees, members, and more — fully-integrated with our world-class payment form.

Highlighted features

🆒 Title & Description - Each custom field can contain a title and description. Descriptions support links and basic text formatting options.

⚠️ Required / optional fields - Want to make your fields required? No problem, we can handle that.

🤓 Custom ordering - Order your custom fields in any way you'd like.

✉️ Email receipts - Custom field responses will appear in email receipts to supporters and notifications you receive.

👨‍💻 Transaction panel - View custom field responses in the side panel in the Transactions tab of your Dashboard.

⚡️Zapier - If you're using Zapier, the custom fields in a transaction are automatically sent over as part of the payload so you can trigger actions in 1,000+ third-party sites & apps (based on the data you receive).

Field types

1. ✏️ Text - A simple text field for collecting short answers:

2. 📝 Text box - A large text box for collecting long answers:

3. 👇 Dropdown - A dropdown selection with the ability to add custom dropdown values to select from:

4. ✅ Checkbox - A simple checkbox:

5. 📻 Radio - Radio buttons for selecting a single option from a group:

6. 🔢 Number - A text field that validates the supporter entered a valid integer:

Use cases

Here are a few examples of how you can use custom fields to increase information gathering on your donation forms, fundraising campaigns, ticketed events, and more:

  • Subscribe supporters to your email marketing
  • Offer T-shirt size selection
  • Collect questions and comments
  • Offer dinner options (Chicken, Steak, or Vegetarian)

Givebutter is so easy to use, the functionality is huge for a free platform, and as a nonprofit struggling to raise money—Givebutter makes it easier than any other platform to connect with donors. Givebutter solves the problem that small nonprofits have a hard time raising money and finding platforms within their budget to help them get over the hump and make an impact. As a young nonprofit, we have struggled to fundraise and connect with potential donors as well as reengage with our current/previous donors, but Givebutter has made a platform that makes it easy to solve those problems. I suggest using Givebutter to almost all of my nonprofit friends because it's a free platform that makes something as important as fundraising and donor management—often heady topics for early nonprofit professionals like myself—digestible and attractive.

Aaron Raus


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