Promo codes, nonprofit verification, speed enhancements, and more

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Promo codes, nonprofit verification, speed enhancements, and more

We're thrilled to have officially released Promo Codes (Beta) to all Givebutter Events users this month. Read on to learn about how you can use promo codes for your next event, and also be sure to check out the many other updates and enhancements we've been making site-wide over at our What's New page and summarized below.

Promo Codes

If you've ever attended or sold tickets to an event, you're probably familiar with how promo codes work. Also sometimes called Discount Codes or Access Codes, Promo Codes enable an event organizer to offer discounts to attendees.

On Givebutter, you can now offer two types of discounts:

  1. Fixed - i.e. $10 off
  2. Percent - i.e. 10% off‍

You can then apply the code to any of your tickets:

  1. Apply to all tickets (default) - i.e. General Admission, Premium, and VIP
  2. Apply to certain tickets - i.e. ONLY General Admission

Set usage limits:

  1. Unlimited (default): code can be used an unlimited number of times
  2. Limited: code can only be used X number of times

Optionally add start & end dates, great for promotions like "Early Bird" discounts:

  1. Start Date: code becomes available after this date/time
  2. Expiration Date: code expires after this date/time

And last but not least, you can have unlimited uniquely named codes that can be set to active or inactive for any of your campaigns.

Promo codes work seamlessly with Givebutter's new Offline Donations features, so you can issue free or discounted tickets right from the dashboard.

Interested in adding promo codes to your event on Givebutter?

Drop us a note to join the Beta, or check out this Help Center article to learn more about how they work!

So, what else is new?

The shorter month of February didn't hold us back! Here's a quick summary of what's new this month:

  • Nonprofit verification - Added public verification badges for 501(c)(3) nonprofits βœ…
  • Donations tab enhancements in dashboard - New "Method" filter, member credited data, and more detailed exports πŸ”
  • Redesigned campaign goal bar and money raised bar for more clarity πŸ“ˆ
  • Campaigns with teams and members now display how much each member, team, and the total campaign has raised 🀩
  • Group home pages now allow visitors to select a campaign to donate to from a list of active campaigns 🏠
  • Campaigns with many teams and members now load 10x faster 🏎


What's next?

We are still working on a big update to our signup flow and onboarding, and have even more exciting updates in store for events. Stay tuned!

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Written by
Max Friedman
Co-Founder and CEO of Givebutter