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27 amazing raffle ticket prizes for every budget

A raffle is an effective way to raise funds for your cause or organization. Check out this list to choose the perfect raffle ticket prizes for your supporters.

Rachel Mills
December 22, 2020
Nerd Mr Butter

Table of contents

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Table of contents

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Few things build hype, boost event ticket sales, and increase donations like a raffle. Not only are they easy to set up, but you may be able to get your raffle ticket prizes donated from local businesses and save serious cash. Raffles can also have multiple prizes and raffle winners, encouraging a wider audience to participate.

Before we dive into prize ideas, we’ll give you a couple pointers to help you choose the right one. A great prize and a strong promotion strategy is key to a successful raffle. First, you’ll need a grand prize — or multiple raffle prizes — that excites your target donors.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and think about prizes that will be fun, useful, or memorable for them.

Some prizes — like gift cards or cash — work for any demographic, but you should still keep factors like age, income level, and location in mind. For example, college students don’t have much use for a full-size kitchen appliance, but a mini fridge would do the trick. The prize value should also match the scope of the fundraising event or campaign. For instance, you might not want to offer a $2,000 European getaway when ticket prices are $10-$15.

Second, promoting and displaying your prize is a must. Be sure to share plenty of eye-grabbing pictures and videos on social media that tell the “story” of the prize. (Think: parents getting a few moments of peace with their new noise-canceling headphones.) Also, create an attractive display at your event to showcase your prize. Nothing gets people donating or buying raffle tickets like seeing the item right in front of them.

Ready to win big? Dive into this list of 27 amazing raffle prize ideas for every budget. We’ve broken them down into three categories: big-ticket prizes (generally over $2,000), medium-ticket prizes ($100-$2,000), and small-ticket prizes (under $100).

27 amazing raffle ticket prizes

Nonprofits, schools, businesses, churches, sports teams, individuals — anyone can throw a great raffle. You can either sell raffle tickets or give them away for free with a donation or purchase.

It’s important to note that most states have rules and restrictions on raffles. For instance, Alabama, Hawaii, and Utah prohibit raffles altogether. These laws are typically directed at tax-exempt or charitable organizations, but not in every case. Look up raffle laws for your state and city before you get going.

Big-ticket raffle prizes

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Price range: $2,000 and up

Expensive giveaways, luxury products, and one-of-a-kind pieces make a splash in your community and could draw big spenders to your cause. They’re also effective for high-dollar fundraising events, like silent auctions or galas. You’ll likely need to get these items donated by an organization, or be willing to invest a significant amount of money in order to make a profit.

1. New house: This is the big one! Raffling off a home will take a lot of research and planning, but it’s sure to turn heads.

2. Vacation or cruise: A little R&R goes a long way. Who can say no to visiting a tropical paradise or a winter wonderland?

3. New car: Take a page from “The Price Is Right” and offer the chance to win a brand-new car. (You can also cut costs by raffling a pre-owned car or a vehicle subscription service.)

4. Designer clothes or accessories: See if luxury brands or boutiques will donate pieces or if a designer will create a custom piece. You can also go hunting at consignment stores. Tops, bottoms, shoes, watches, jewelry, purses — the fashion potential is endless.  

5. Private club membership: Membership dues at golf clubs, country clubs, and other exclusive organizations can run into the thousands of dollars, so this could be a major ticket seller.

6. Artwork: Partner up with a local artist to craft a compelling custom art piece for your raffle. Think of your community’s taste and decide whether something more modern or classical would be best.

7. Portion of raffle earnings (cash prize): Want to make your raffle drawing a real nail-biter? Your grand prize can actually be a set dollar amount or a percentage of your overall raffle earnings (like 25% of the total pot).

Medium-ticket raffle prizes

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Price range: $100 to $2,000

For the most part, the cost of your raffle depends on the number of tickets you sell and how much you spend on prizes. That’s why these middle-ticket items and experiences work well for a variety of budgets and offer something for everyone. See if these options are a fit for your raffle fundraiser.

8. Home appliances: Fun and functional! Homeowners won’t want to miss out on a new refrigerator, oven, grill, espresso maker, or vacuum.

9. Electronics: Hand out the latest and greatest tech, like TVs, speakers, Bluetooth headphones, standing desks, game consoles, laptops, and more.

10. Event tickets: Prize winners can make memories with tickets to sporting events, concerts, theaters, ballets, or even your next fundraising event.

11. Adventure package: Adrenaline-lovers will leap up for raffle prizes like white-water rafting, skydiving, scuba diving, horseback riding, and ziplining packages.

12. Theme park tickets: What’s better than fun for the whole family? Tickets to Disney World, Universal Studios, Six Flags, and other parks are always popular.

13. Furniture and decor: Introduce some style with beautiful sofas, dining sets, dressers, mirrors, vases, and lamps. Vintage items will also stand out.

14. Classes or workshops: Give the gift of learning with a worthwhile class or one-on-one mentorship from a pro. Some ideas include cooking, coding, painting, public speaking, and woodworking.

15. VIP party: A lavish party package for a group — complete with catering, decorating, and photography — is one of the more unique raffle ticket prizes.

16. Home services: You know those home projects that are always low priority and never get done? Your donors will jump at the chance for free landscaping, window cleaning, repainting, and more.

17. Weekend getaway: Put together a weekend of bliss. For example, offer a one-night stay at a five-star hotel as well as dinner and theater tickets for two.

Small-ticket raffle prizes

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Price range: Under $100

The best raffle prizes aren’t always expensive. A thoughtfully curated gift basket or a nice bottle of wine can go a long way. Plus, small inexpensive items allow you to offer more prizes. The ideas below will get people in the door and to the donation box, but they’re affordable enough to make sure you hold onto your hard-earned funds.

18. Gift cards: Of all the raffle ticket prizes, this option likely has the broadest appeal.  Virtually every store or restaurant offers gift cards nowadays, in person or online.

19. Signed memorabilia: Get a local celebrity to sign memorabilia like jerseys, books, and baseball bats for a rare prize.

20. Subscriptions: Treat winners to several free months or a year of subscription services like Netflix, makeup and skin care boxes, cheese-of-the-month programs, and more.

21. Gift baskets: This one of the most popular raffle prizes by far. Gift baskets are super easy to DIY and can be tailored to any group.

22. Food and drink: Try a gift certificate to a popular local restaurant or a collection of gourmet snacks and drinks that will have your winners saying “yum!”

23. Spa treatments: Everyone could use a pampering session every once in a while, and it’s fairly easy to get these packages donated. Ideas include a 60-minute massage, a pedicure, waxing, and hair styling.

24. Movie tickets: It’s hard to go wrong with a trip to the movies. Throw in vouchers for snacks and drinks to complete this package.

25. Games and toys: Raising money has never been so fun. Offer a chance to win the year’s hottest video games, board games, and children’s toys and gadgets.

26. Escape room: Give away group tickets to an escape room for an exciting, trendy, and challenging experience for anyone.  

27. Unique T-shirts: Our last fundraising raffle prize idea is a classic! Hold a design contest and raffle off a one-of-a-kind T-shirt that highlights your cause.

And the winner is … 🏆

Everyone! Adding a raffle to your fundraising event or campaign nets more money for your cause and leaves lucky prize winners with a tangible reward for supporting your organization.

Larger raffle ticket prizes mean you have to raise a lot more money to turn a profit, but they can also drive higher donations and ticket sales. Medium and small prizes may get less attention, but they’re cost-effective and an attractive bonus for contributors.

Of course, if your prizes are donated, you won’t have to worry about these costs. Check out our articles on how to ask for donations and write donation request letters for guidance on getting a “yes” from businesses and individuals.

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