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Givebutter’s all-in-one donation platform now includes direct mail fundraising for nonprofits. Create custom, branded thank-you letters, solicitations, newsletters, and more for any segment of your supporters—all for free.

Get the impact of direct mail with the ease of email

Givebutter brings together all the fundraising, CRM, and marketing tools you need in one convenient place. Prepare personalized donation appeals, thank-you messages, and segmented contact lists for fundraising letters, email blasts, and text message campaigns—all in one place, all completely free.

Create compelling communication at scale

Create modern nonprofit fundraising letters that match your unique branding and resonate with your audience. Our user-friendly PDF editor lets you set your preferred print dimensions and seamlessly add Canva designs without leaving the platform, so you can visualize what your final product will look like from start to finish. 

Cut through the noise with targeted appeals

Tailor your mailings to specific donor segments using custom contact filters and generate personalized letters with the help of dynamic merge fields. These merge fields will automatically add key donor details into each letter, such as the donor’s name, address, largest donation amount, last donation date, and even custom field responses.

Meet the future of fundraising letters

Stay organized

Add names and descriptions to your letter campaigns, and save time with easy copying for yearly appeals, monthly newsletters, and more. You can also track letter status—whether sent, drafted, or ready to print—so everyone is on the same page.

Avoid duplicates

Easily track households and relationships between donors using built-in donor management tools, so you can avoid doubling up on multiple family members and opt to send a single letter instead.

Send sooner

Review your design, download letter PDFs, and export your contact list to CSV all from one convenient place. Plus, you can generate envelopes and labels with the right print dimensions and pre-populated with donors’ addresses.

Givebutter is user-friendly and provides the most important features of a donor CRM and fundraising tool at no up-front cost. Givebutter is helping us streamline donor management and retention, maximize donation revenue, organize and segment our audience, and engage with our community members in easy, efficient, and value-aligned ways.

Luka Cai
Executive Director, St. Louis Queer+ Support Helpline

How to get started with free fundraising letters

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Nonprofits can get up and running with Givebutter in just a few minutes. You can upload your existing contact records using our import templates during this step or start your donor database from scratch. Sign up →

Create your letter campaign

Apply filters or use preset donor segments to get the contacts you need. Once you have your contact list all set, you can start writing and personalizing your letters with your logo, Canva designs, dynamic merge fields, and more.

Download and mail

When you’re ready to print, you can download your letters, export your contact list, and send everything over to your preferred direct mail platform. Alternatively, you can download envelopes and labels pre-populated with donor names and addresses that are perfectly formatted for easy printing.

Start sending fundraising letters with Givebutter

Free fundraising letters and so much more

Givebutter is the most-loved fundraising platform for organizations of all sizes. From donation forms and nonprofit marketing tools to fundraising events and auction management features, Givebutter helps changemakers like you have a greater impact for a whole lot less.

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