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Givebutter Gives Back $10K to nonprofits
during Black Philanthropy Month

Givebutter donated $10,000 to Black-led nonprofits and organizations that support and uplift Black communities during Black Philanthropy Month

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Sign up for a free Givebutter account and choose how you want to fundraise. You can create a donation form, fundraising page, fundraising event, auction, or embed a donate button directly on your website. You must verify your nonprofit before launching your campaign.

Submit your campaign & raise at least $500 by August 28

Your fundraising campaign does not have to be specific to Black Philanthropy Month, but you must be actively raising funds during the month of August and submit your campaign by August 28 to be considered for a donation.

See the chosen campaigns on September 1

Givebutter will announce the most creative and the five most active campaigns via email and social media. Keep scrolling to see which inspiring campaigns were chosen!

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of Givebutter campaign types are eligible for a Givebutter Gives Back donation during Black Philanthropy Month?

Verified nonprofits that launch a Givebutter fundraising page, fundraising event, auction, or Givebutter-powered donate button or donation form embedded on their website are eligible. 

To be considered for a donation from Givebutter, your campaign must be: 
1. Powered by Givebutter 
2. Run by a verified nonprofit organization
3. Actively receiving donations (at least $500) during the month of August

What criteria are campaigns judged on?

For the most creative campaign, we’re looking at campaigns that…

  • Mobilize community engagement: Rally your community through peer-to-peer fundraising, volunteer opportunities, social media campaigns, or email blasts.
  • Effectively show the organization’s mission and impact: Share engaging videos, photos, graphics, campaign updates, or livestreams.
  • Make the most of Givebutter’s free fundraising tools: Take advantage of the story section and supporter feed on your fundraising page, team fundraising features, text-to-donate, or donate buttons on your website.

The most active campaign winners will be those that receive the most unique donations (not the highest dollar amount!) during the month of August. 

We’ll be sharing tips and best practices for making your campaign the best it can be during dedicated Office Hours all throughout the month of August!

What is Black Philanthropy Month?

Black Philanthropy Month (BPM) is an annual celebration of Black giving and a global call to action for funding equity and greater investment in Black philanthropic leadership. 

Founded by Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland and the Women Invested to Save the Earth Fund (in partnership with a diverse group of Black women community leaders), Black Philanthropy Month officially launched with its first international summit in 2011. Since its inception, BPM has engaged 20 million people across 60+ countries and is officially recognized by the United Nations and more than 45 governmental bodies.

When is Black Philanthropy Month? 

August is Black Philanthropy Month, and each year communities across the globe organize events and celebrations all throughout the month. 

Givebutter is joining in on the fun all month long by giving away $10K to Black changemakers, hosting special events, and celebrating Black leaders and organizations in the Givebutter Fam.

Why do we celebrate Black Philanthropy Month?

Black Philanthropy Month is an opportunity to honor the rich history of Black giving in all of its forms and face the longstanding oppression of Black communities throughout the world—past and present. 

Philanthropy in Black communities is not a new concept. The practice of giving to those in need, whether through families, churches, or other social organizations, has been around for centuries. That legacy lives on today. 

In fact, out of all racial and ethnic groups, Black families contribute the largest proportion of their wealth to charity and give 25 percent more of their income annually than white households, despite a long history of structural barriers, racial discrimination, and prejudice that have prevented Black communities from building generational wealth. Black community members are also more likely to give in ways that can’t be as easily quantified, such as volunteering their time and providing goods and services to neighbors in need. 

Black Philanthropy Month also shines a bright light on the enormous racial disparities that persist in nonprofit funding and in larger systems of philanthropy, like the giving gap between white and Black-led organizations. One recent study found the average revenue for Black-led, early-stage nonprofits to be 24% lower—and the unrestricted net assets 76% smaller—than that of similar white-led nonprofits.

Celebrating Black Philanthropy Month and lifting up Black changemakers grows the movement to end racial discrimination and encourages more individuals and institutions to recognize their role in working for funding equity.

I’m not a Black-led nonprofit—how can I get involved?

Investing in Black philanthropic leadership means investing in a better future for all! Join us and millions of other changemakers who are uplifting powerful stories of change and helping Black-led organizations make the world a better, more equitable place. 

If you're not sure where to start, here are a few Black Philanthropy Month ideas:

  • Donate to Black causes: Find and support verified fundraisers on Givebutter that are serving Black communities. We’ve highlighted some incredible organizations on this page and will be sharing more inspiring campaigns in our newsletter throughout the month of August. Subscribe →
  • Join in the FUNdraising: Take it a step further and join in a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign to raise money on behalf of a nonprofit during Black Philanthropy Month.
  • Spread the word: Share about the Givebutter Gives Back initiative with awesome Black-led organizations you think should apply.
  • Make it official: Encourage your city to join in the action with Black Philanthropy Month’s proclamation template

You can also explore the official Black Philanthropy Month website for additional resources and more ways to get involved!