5 steps to transform your webpage into a secure donation landing page

Drive donations to your site by using free, easy-to-install buttons & other elements with Givebutter. Now any page can be customized as a donation landing page.





Nonprofit Strategies
Nonprofit Strategies

5 steps to transform your webpage into a secure donation landing page

Drive donations to your site by using free, easy-to-install buttons & other elements with Givebutter. Now any page can be customized as a donation landing page.





Drive donations to your site by using free, easy-to-install buttons & other elements with Givebutter. Now any page can be customized as a donation landing page.





Kylie Davis
June 8, 2022
June 15, 2022

What if you could transform your regular nonprofit website into a fundraising machine?

Research shows that 85% of consumers conduct research online before making a purchase, with a brand’s website being the most-used channel for that research. Nonprofits can use this same logic when thinking about how to convert potential supporters into recurring donors.

An eye-catching, user-friendly, great nonprofit website gives your organization credibility and a strong online presence for your brand. This, in turn, can educate potential donors about your mission statement, values, and vision for the future.

Now, Givebutter allows you to transform any website into an online fundraising opportunity. With Givebutter Elements, you can easily add various design elements—like donate buttons, donation forms, and the mysterious donation bubble—into your nonprofit website design. In that regard, you can transform any regular webpage into a donation landing page.

7 Givebutter Elements and must-have website features on your landing page

Givebutter Elements brings the power of Givebutter’s fundraising platform to your existing website. To equip any nonprofit landing page with the functionality necessary to collect online donations, use these features:

1. Donate buttons 👆

Ask yourself: How easy is it for a new supporter to find where to donate on your website?

Givebutter allows you to easily add a donate button directly onto your website, making it easy for site visitors to make a contribution. You can add these buttons in prime real estate spots—think your top navigation bar, header, footer, within a blog post, and within the hero of any web page—to help entice page visitors to give. Plus, these donate buttons can be customized with your brand’s color scheme, so you’ll be able to adapt it for any future website redesigns.

Your donate button can link to any fundraising campaign on Givebutter. You can solicit  donations simply for your organization, promote a one-off campaign (like your year-end fundraising campaign) or an ongoing campaign (such as a capital campaign).

2. Donation forms đź’°

Donation landing page: Givebutter donation form

When a site visitor clicks a donate button, they’ll immediately be led to a built-in donation form. You can customize your form with custom donation amounts, custom donation descriptions, or even offer a recurring donation button. Donation forms are optimized for all mobile devices, and you can style your form to fit your branding.

Plus, donation forms allow supporters to make their contribution without having to leave your website. Whether you use a donate button or not, a donation form can be embedded into your homepage (or any web page, for that matter!) and you can style the rest of the page however you wish.

3. Donation bubble 🤑

To get you one step closer to your fundraising goal, you want to make it as easy as possible for your supporters to donate. To do so, you might want to include a donation bubble on your landing page.

A donation bubble is a special donate button that remains “fixed” on your website. In other words, when a site visitor scrolls down the page, they always see the same donate button in the bottom right corner. That way, your call to action button (CTA) is visible and easily accessible at all times.

4. Goal bars (coming soon!) đź“Ś

Donation landing page: Givebutter Goal Bar

Publicizing your fundraising goal can make a big impact for your current campaign. As potential donors watch your organization inch toward your goal, it motivates them to contribute.

Soon, you’ll be able to embed goal bars directly into your existing website, making it easy for supporters to stay up-to-date on your campaign’s progress.

5. Live stream overlays (coming soon!) đź“Ł

Live streams are a powerful tool that transforms any in-person upcoming event into a hybrid campaign. With live streams, both in-person and virtual supporters can take part, thereby doubling your audience.

Soon, you’ll be able to embed real-time campaign elements directly into your live stream feed. With live stream overlays, you can add goal bars and donor ticket updates directly into your feed, thereby keeping donors engaged on each milestone.

6. Accept everything đź’¸

Givebutter payment integrations

Once a potential donor clicks through your donation form, they’re ready to make a payment. To ensure they convert into a first-time donor, you’ll want to collect a wide variety of payment methods.

Fortunately, Givebutter collects a wide variety of online payment options, including credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, Stripe, Google Pay, Venmo, and more. Plus, all supporters should have peace of mind knowing that contributions made through Givebutter’s online fundraising platform are completely secure.

7. Track CRM đź‘Ż

Givebutter contact features

Once a donor makes a contribution–whether it be via a donate button, form, or bubble–their information is automatically stored within Givebutter’s built-in donor management system, Track.

Track makes it easy to store donor contact information, track past giving history, and create a targeted marketing plan. Each current and potential supporter is given their own donor profile, logging their contact information and custom fields. In addition, each supporter has their own timeline, logging past activities such as giving history, event registration, or even past communications with your nonprofit organization.

Create gorgeous donation pages with Givebutter Elements

Your website is a powerful tool to educate potential supporters on your organization’s mission, and (hopefully) persuade them to make their first contribution.

To help convert website visitors into first-time donors, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to give.

Now, Givebutter Elements always harnesses the power of Givebutter directly onto your existing website. With Givebutter Elements, you can embed forms, buttons, and other features into your navigation menu or any webpage—without a background in web development. Leveraging these features improves the user experience of your web presence, and encourages supporters to get involved with your campaign.

You can quickly and easily install Givebutter Elements into your organization’s website by following this guide. 

Givebutter is the all-in-one fundraising platform built with donors in mind. Givebutter comes with 130+ fundraising features, built-in nonprofit marketing tools, and its own CRM platform, making it easy to attract, convert, and track your supporter base.

Ready to see how Givebutter Elements can transform your website into a fundraising machine? Take a tour to get started.


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