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Simplify giving with donation form templates, tips, and examples

Impress donors with a free donation request form template and tips for building the best donation forms. Plus, explore 12 examples from real nonprofits!

Rachel Ayotte
May 17, 2023
Nerd Mr Butter

Table of contents

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Table of contents


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Making it easy for donors to give is the bread and butter of nonprofit fundraising. And asking for contributions in a way that’s clean, simple, and engaging takes care and effort. That’s where a donation form template comes in.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about creating the best donation template for your nonprofit. We’ll also show you some amazing donation form examples from real nonprofits for a little inspiration. ✨

What makes a great donation form template?

Your donation form can make or break a donor’s experience with your nonprofit. Over half of donors prefer to give online, so you’ll want to ensure your donation forms are in tip-top shape.

Great donation forms are all about simplicity—they’re sleek, simple, and user-friendly. Forms that ask too many questions or include too much information only serve to discourage potential donors from completing their contribution.

Fundraising pro, Lynne Wester, said it best during a recent webinar on nonprofit trends:

“What questions should you ask when someone is making a donation? Less is more. You need my name, but my marital status is none of your business. Every click a donor has to make leads to 20% more abandonment. I can buy a live goat on Amazon in one click, but I try to give you $500 and you’re killing me—asking me for my street address? Stop making it hard for me to give you money.”

Though each nonprofit is different, there are a few common elements that are crucial to consider when reviewing a donation form template. We recommend you stick to the basics:

✅ First and last name
✅ Email address
✅ Payment information
✅ Postal code

Not too big of a list, right?

Of course, it's about more than just asking for the right information. The best donation forms include some extra sweet treats (like mobile responsiveness, custom branding, and more) that make all the difference in reaching your fundraising goals.

What to include in a donation template that actually converts

As we’ve already discussed, opting for a sleek and simple approach is the way to go. However, crafting a truly seamless donation process requires a few additional considerations. Follow these seven tips and tools to make your donation form even better:

1. Accept every kind of payment method 🤑

Having flexible payment options lets you meet donors where they're at. A donation form that makes it convenient to give through a variety of ways (PayPal, Venmo, digital wallets, and of course cash, card, or check) will wow your donors—and evn bring in some new ones.

2. Emphasize major giving 💵 

Recurring donations and company matching can create a major revenue stream for your nonprofit. Your donation forms should highlight these opportunities for potential supporters.

Setting up recurring donation on Givebutter GIF

3. Offer custom donations and dedications ✏️

Successful giving forms offer suggested donation amounts while also allowing donors to give as much or as little as they’d like. Plus, it creates a personal connection when they can give in honor of someone.

4. Include additional custom fields 🧐

Have an additional question you really need to ask donors? Add custom fields to get all the answers you need to succeed (Just remember to go easy on these!).

5. Spread the word 🗣️

A mobile-optimized donation landing page with a goal bar will get donors excited about their contributions. Make it easy for them to share your campaign link on social media once they’ve contributed.

6. Feel secure ✅

When donors give to your organization, they want to know that their contributions are secure. Use a trusted payment processor for your donation forms so you and your supporters can rest easy.

7. Leave a lasting impression 💛

Branded donation forms customized for your cause remind donors of your mission and why their contributions are important. Plus, the familiar look and feel gives donors greater peace of mind when entering their payment information.

Get access to a free donation form template 

No need to create a donation form from scratch when you can leverage the power of Givebutter to bring your ideal donation form to life. Givebutter donation forms are completely free for nonprofits and come packed with all the world-class features you need.

With Givebutter's intuitive donation form builder, you can effortlessly create, customize, and share unlimited donation forms that will propel your fundraising efforts to new heights. Just sign up for a free Givebutter account, and you'll be ready to create your first donation form in minutes.

Build unlimited donations forms for free with Givebutter

12 inspiring donation form examples from real nonprofits

Curious to see how these free, customizable donation form templates have helped real organizations? Let’s dive into some donation form samples and explore how these changemakers are optimizing the donation process.

1. Branded nonprofit donation form

Thank You Life matches their colors and branding seamlessly with a simple donation form embedded right onto their website's general donation landing page. Look how they put recurring donation options front and center! 💡

Thank You Life donation form

2. Donation form template for a nonprofit website

Also rocking matching colors and monthly giving, this donate page from Bird TLC takes expert branding a step further. The embedded form features custom descriptions for each donation amount to encourage donors to feel more confident about the impact of their gift. 💪

Bird TLC donation form

3. Monthly donation form template

This donation form for Feminist Frequency is set up for monthly donations only, highlighting the impact of sustainable giving. For supporters who aren’t ready to make a monthly commitment, their website also offers a general, one-time donation form.

Feminist Frequency donation form

4. Crisis response funding template

When supporters donate to Respond: Crisis Translation, they decide not only how much they want to give, but also where they want their money to go. This option to designate a specific fund empowers donors and promotes transparency.

Respond: Crisis Translation donation form

5. Membership contribution form template

A donation template can be used for a variety of reasons. The Wilson Bruce Evans Home Historical Society gives supporters the opportunity to purchase an annual membership as a donation. They also have a giving hub for general donations and other fundraising efforts. 

Wilson Bruce Evans Home Historical Society donation form

6. Mobile giving form template

Heading Home NM knows that mobile giving is on the rise—in fact, it’s increased 205% in the last year. Their mobile-optimized donation form also features text-to-donate options to allow donors to give from all mobile devices.

Heading Home NM text-to-donate template

7. Online donation form template

Not only is their donation form customized with graphics—and pretty darn cute—Arcadia Animal Rescue also utilizes a floating “donate now” donation button on every page to entice supporters to give. 

Arcadia Animal Rescue using Givebutter donate button

8. Charity donation form template

Crittenton Centers’ general donation form is sleek, simple, and descriptive at the same time. Plus, the addition of the goal bar at the top of the form keeps supporters excited and engaged.

Crittenton Centers’ donation form template

9. Scan-to-donate for donation forms

Midlands Community Foundation takes flexible donations to the next level. At Light Up Bellevue, their holiday fundraising event, they displayed easily scannable QR codes that took party-goers right to their donation form. Supporters could also donate by texting an easy-to-remember short code—LIGHTUP!

Light Up Bellevue Christmas Holiday Lights event

10. Recurring donation giving form template

soQuiet’s donation form features an array of recurring giving options, including one-time, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Detailed descriptions of each donation amount also give supporters confidence in their contributions. 

soQuiet’s giving form on Givebutter

11. Pledge form template

While multiple giving options are great for nonprofits to offer, some organizations only solicit monthly or even yearly gifts. Game Genius’ Play Pledge donation form only asks for monthly donations—a great example of expert customization.

Game Genius’ Play Pledge donation form powered by Givebutter

12. General donation form template

Successful fundraising is all about creating a connection between your cause and your supporters. Change Up Sport’s custom donation form—embedded right on their website—helps users navigate stories of impact, testimonials, and more with the ability to give at any time.  

Change Up Sport’s General donation form

Create unlimited donation form templates—for free!

Great donation forms make giving simple, easy, and fun—no matter if your supporters are contributing recurring gifts, paying by Venmo, or even giving by text. With unlimited donation forms and unmatched customization, Givebutter’s free donation form builder helps organizations create templates that impress and convert.

Ready to start making giving better for everyone in minutes? Sign up for Givebutter to create unlimited free donation forms and take advantage the rest of Givebutter’s all-in-one fundraising platform.

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