Email Strategies

Connect with your supporters in new and meaningful ways on this global day of giving.





Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday

Email Strategies

Connect with your supporters in new and meaningful ways on this global day of giving.





Connect with your supporters in new and meaningful ways on this global day of giving.





You put so much time and thought into your Giving Tuesday campaign—don’t forget to set aside time to come up with a strategy to spread the word! Mapping out your communications plan will prepare your team, allow you to be thoughtful about your messaging, and help your mission stand out on such a busy day of giving. Here are some best practices to guide you along the way!

📝 Drafting your content

Avoid the last-minute stress of trying to create the perfect message in a time crunch. Meet with your team early on to decide on the theme of your campaign, your campaign’s call to action, and any specific words or phrases you want to incorporate into your communications. You’re representing your organization to a larger audience today, so you’ll want to make the most of it! Looking for some inspiration? Browse through Giving Tuesday’s key messages and talking points.

When creating your email content and design, check to make sure you:

Included hyperlinks to your campaign page several times throughout the email by using buttons, images, and or text—you don’t want anyone to miss it!
Used text that’s easy to read by choosing a simple font style in a larger size. Avoid light colored font on a white background and white font on a red or pink background.
Listed a contact to reach out to with any questions about your Giving Tuesday campaign
Made sure to include all the details of your campaign or event: date, time, location, guest appearances, incentives, goal, timeline, and a functional link to your campaign page.

<div class='rich-text-tip'>PRO TIP: In your email text, you’ll want to consider your tone as it relates to your mission and audience. Giving Tuesday is a fun, empowering day, but it’s best to avoid using lighthearted wording about a serious cause.</div>

🌟 There’s power in the subject line

Your supporters will undoubtedly be receiving an influx of emails on Giving Tuesday. This  doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send them another one—it simply means it’s important to craft a series of punchy subject lines to break through the noise. You should have several to choose from since you’ll send out multiple emails throughout your campaign.

Tips for creating your series of subject lines:

→ Keep them at 9 words or fewer
→ Use a sense of urgency (Giving Tuesday lends itself well to this since donors are encouraged to get involved on one special day)
→ Address donors by their first names
→ Consider asking a question to peak curiosity
→ Use emojis if appropriate

💌 Use donor-centric language

It’s a fundraising best practice to use donor-centric language, which focuses on placing the donor at the center of your message. As you’re trying to bring out the changemaker in everyone this Giving Tuesday, inspire your donors with empowering language that makes them feel like they’re a crucial part of your movement!

You can paint this picture by using keywords like you, we, us, and together. Examples of donor-centric language include:
You are helping us stop climate change
→ Because of you, we can provide summer camp to 1,000 kids in California
Your gift will help hundreds of people access clean water
Together, we can end homelessness in our community
→ With each gift, we are ending children’s hunger in the United States

💎 Convey your ask clearly

As people are going through your email on such a high-communication day, it’s imperative to make it crystal clear how readers can join your campaign. Whether your activation is giving financially, attending an event, showing a photo or video of an act of kindness, or volunteering, make the call to action the biggest and brightest part of your email.

<div class='rich-text-tip'>PRO TIP: It’s best to have one call to action per email. If you have more than one as part of your campaign, consider featuring your Givebutter page as the main clickable item and list out ways to get involved on your page in your Story section!</div>

📅 Create a communications calendar

You’ll need to communicate various messages throughout your campaign: announcements, invitations, updates, last-chance reminders, a post-campaign report, and a thank you. Mapping out this line of communication ensures that you won’t be overwhelming your supporters with messages too often—but it also avoids not connecting with them enough.

To help you visualize all of these emails, outline out every message you want to share with your community along with any important details like date, time, audience, certain images or videos you want to include, and the team member assigned to sharing the message.

📤 Use Givebutter’s new Engage feature for all things email

Engage is the only free messaging service that provides personalized email, text, and video with a robust fundraising platform and CRM. This Giving Tuesday, engage your community like never before by sending personalized emails, texts, videos, and more all in the same place!

→ Import your contacts to Givebutter: Before your campaign starts, add your contacts to Engage so that you can create segmented audiences easily with tags, email and text supporters customized messages throughout your campaign, and make it easy to follow up with campaign participants after Giving Tuesday!

→ Design your emails ahead of time: Not-so-fun fact: Nearly 75% of respondents in the Donor Loyalty Study say they might stop donating to an organization based on poor content, including vague content, dull content, irrelevant content, and inconvenient formatting. Luckily, Givebutter makes it easy to design what-you-see-is-what-you-get emails right in Engage and make them pop with our Canva integration. Enjoy adding your brand, images, videos, custom donor fields to your messages, and linking them to your domain. Then, send out test emails to your team to get their approval.

<div class='rich-text-tip'>PRO TIP: Consider making your Giving Tuesday emails branded by adding one of Giving Tuesday’s colors or logos to help readers know you’re inviting them to participate in a special celebration.</div>

🙏 Follow up with your donors after Giving Tuesday and beyond

Did you know that first-time donors who receive a thank-you message within 48 hours of giving are four times more likely to give again? The most important thing you can do in your Giving Tuesday plan is promptly share a post-campaign update to your supporters and show your gratitude. Donors want to know the impact they’ve made and feel acknowledged for it.

Now’s not the time to ask for another donation—simply send your thank yous and plan to make your next financial ask during your year-end campaign!

Thank your supporters by:

→ Sending a thank you email or text through Givebutter's Engage tool: Easily follow up with your community by emailing or texting your Giving Tuesday supporters  
→ Sending out a thank you email using Thankview: Easily create and send personalized videos to raise awareness, promote events, update stakeholders, and thank those who matter most.
→ Creating an email series for new donors: You just gained many new supporters! Setting up an automated email series for them to learn more about your mission will help them stick around.

<div class='rich-text-tip'>PRO TIP: Givebutter's Engage tool allows you to analyze your success after your campaign. Review the data with your team to see what you should repeat next Giving Tuesday!</div>

✊ We’re on a mission to empower the changemaker in all of us

And that's why we’re providing you with all the tools and resources you need to raise more, give better, and unleash generosity this Giving Tuesday. We can’t wait to see how you rally support for your good cause on November 30th and beyond!

‍Ready to make your Giving Tuesday campaign butter than ever this year? Create your free account on Givebutter today! Verified nonprofits could receive a special Giving Tuesday donation right from Givebutter!

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