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Raise 15% more with your new favorite donation form

Max Friedman
November 2, 2023
November 2, 2023
Nerd Mr Butter

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Givebutter's name comes from the idea that changemakers—nonprofits and donors alike—deserve a better (butter) way to give. Nearly eight years after Givebutter's founding, this aspiration rings truer than ever. 

Donors are drowning in information, and while more payment options are available to them than ever before, providing too many choices can lead to no choice at all. Existing solutions aren't making donor fatigue and confusion any easier. So, in keeping with our name and our mission, we’ve been baking up an even butter way to give.

Introducing the easiest way to raise more for your mission 🚀

We've accumulated everything we've learned from the past eight years about donor behavior, conversion rates, accessibility, and butter puns to create an entirely new evolution of our beloved, free donation forms. 

After receiving extremely positive feedback from users during a three-month beta period, today we are officially launching our new donation forms with more than 100 improvements. We think the results from the 1,500 organizations that participated in our beta program will speak for themselves:

  • 47% donor conversion rates, leading the industry
  • 13% increase in average gift size
  • 10% increase in donors covering fees
  • Nearly double the number of recurring donations!

TL;DR: More donors are giving more money and covering more fees, which means less time spent fundraising and more time growing your impact. Legen-dairy!

Fresh outta the oven: Givebutter's upgraded dough-nation forms

More than a dozen improvements with more on the way

And those stats don't tell the whole story. Nonprofits can enjoy even more buttery goodness with the new forms:

  • Automatically "upsell" one-time donors to become recurring donors 📈
  • Dynamically update suggested donation amounts based on the frequency a donor selects 🔄
  • Reduce checkout time by only collecting the necessary donor info while still capturing the most important data, such as a new “Company” field 🌶
  • Promote accessibility by enabling donors to navigate the donation flow using a screen reader and keyboard 💛
  • Accept recurring ACH donations so you can bring all of your subscription payments over to Givebutter 💸
A graphic to represent the donation upsell experience for donors with text that says "Become a monthly supporter" and "Increase your impact with a monthly donation! Will you convert your one-time donation into a monthly gift?" followed by a button that says "Donate $35/month" and another below it that says "Keep my $200 one-time gift"
Auto-convert one-time donors into monthly donors and double your impact in a year

Just in time for end-of-year giving

We can't wait for you and your donors to experience the new donation forms. If you’re already using Givebutter forms, you don’t need to take any action—the updates are live! If you aren't yet accepting donations with our donation forms, now's the perfect time to make the switch before giving season is in full swing.

Givebutter donation forms (and donate buttons!) are fully compatible with every major website provider, so you can easily embed them right on your website. And stay tuned as we roll out these improvements to Givebutter fundraising pages and events in the coming months, as well.

Learn all about the updates to Givebutter's donation forms in our changelog or jump right in and get started with your free Givebutter account today.

Giving Tuesday and year-end giving season, here we come—it's the most wonderful time of the year! ☃️

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