Support teacher wishlists and school supply drives

Teachers give so much—their time, passion, and, as it turns out, a big chunk of their paycheck—for their students each year. In fact, the average teacher spends $478 of their own money on school supplies annually.

Thankfully, changemakers all over the country are stepping in to help, and you can too. Help these classroom heroes start the school year off right by donating to a verified back-to-school fundraiser.

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Other ways to support teachers and students this back-to-school season

  1. Donate to a teacher’s #ClearTheList campaign ✅ : Starting as a viral hashtag from a teacher in Texas, #ClearTheList is now a nationwide movement that connects teacher wishlists with supporters who want to chip in. Find a teacher’s campaign by searching the hashtag on social media.
  2. Start your own back-to-school fundraiser 💛 : If you’re already connected to a specific teacher, group of students, or entire school in need, create a free Givebutter account to share their story, accept donations, or go big and plan a fundraising event!
  3. Organize or contribute to a back-to-school drive 📚 : Lend a hand to your local school by creating a master list of needed items, finding a good location to receive donations, sharing details on social media and community flyers, and encouraging your friends and family to get involved. 
  4. Solicit office supply stores for donations ✂️ : Support a small business and your school simultaneously by requesting in-kind donations of school supplies or donation-matching campaigns in exchange for advertising. Maybe they’ll even allow you to sit outside and fundraise for specific items on lists you’re trying to clear!
  5. Spread the word 📣 : Consider placing an ad in your local paper to promote a teacher’s wishlist, your donation drive, or a back-to-school fundraiser. If you can, include a brief story (a picture helps!) about the impact a donation can make for the teachers and their students and a short link or QR code so readers know exactly where to donate.
  6. Volunteer 👋 : Volunteer your time at a local school as a reading buddy, administrative support, or event set-up—wherever the school community needs extra hands. 
  7. Boost teacher morale 💌 : Gather friends and family to write cards of support to local educators—or drop off a box of homemade baked goods for the teacher’s lounge. A little love and acknowledgement goes a long way for these hardworking (and often under-appreciated) professionals. 
  8. Be an advocate 🧑‍🏫 : Why do teachers have to spend so much of their own money on classroom materials, anyway? Read up on your district’s budgeting process, attend a school board meeting, and start or join conversations about the salary, budget, and resource restraints educators in the U.S. face.

Givebutter ensures your back-to-school donations are safe and secure

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