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Finally—a free CRM for nonprofits of all sizes. Nurture relationships and make data-driven decisions with Givebutter's modern donor management software.

What is CRM?

Contact relationship management (CRM) software helps you track, understand, and do more with your donor data. Givebutter's all-in-one fundraising platform has a built-in nonprofit CRM to equip you with all the tools your organization needs for effective donor stewardship.

Contact relationship management (CRM) software helps you track, understand, and do more with your donor data. Givebutter's all-in-one fundraising platform has a built-in nonprofit CRM to equip you with all the tools your organization needs for effective donor stewardship.

Save time with smart donor software

Your team is launching a campaign to re-engage lapsed donors. How many donors gave more than $1,000 last year but not this year?

Stop sifting through clunky spreadsheets. With Givebutter's custom filters, contact tags, table sorting, and live search, you can find the donor segment you need in moments. You can even save your search to get this information again with just one click.

Do more of what matters most

You're meeting with Gina Ghee, a potential major donor, and having more information about her would come in handy.

Easily access key donor details with Givebutter’s personalized contact profiles. Gina’s profile includes her contact information, a timeline of her engagement with your organization, a snapshot of all her donations, and insightful notes from past phone calls. Keep your desk clutter-free and important details at your fingertips with everything neatly organized in one place.

This is donor management, simplified

John Dough needs a receipt from last year, but he can’t remember if he donated online, with his ticket purchase, or in person with a check.

Don’t panic! Givebutter streamlines all of your fundraising, event ticketing, and nonprofit CRM tools into one centralized place. With a quick search in your Givebutter dashboard, you can find the exact transaction and resend John's receipt instantly—even for offline donations. And why stop there? Send John a comprehensive rundown of his giving for the entire year!

Did we mention it’s free?

Every feature you need in a nonprofit CRM

Personalized profiles

Contact profiles

Find contact information, activity history, notes, and more in personalized profiles.

Households & relationships

Make note of meaningful relationships between donors and household groups.

Automatic activity tracking

View key moments in a contact's timeline, including donations, ticket sales, sent messages, and more.

Custom filters

Find data faster and build smart donor segments using custom filters like donation amount, last donation, and more.

Giving summary charts

See how much an individual or household has given this year, last year, or all time with a visual summary of their donations.

Preset & saved segments

Create your own donor segments or use ready-made filters to find high-potential donors like lapsed or one-time supporters.

Smart segmentation

Contact tags

Organize your contacts and make personalization easier with custom tags like “VIP” or “Alumni.”

Wealth screening

Understand your donors’ giving potential with Givebutter’s native DonorSearch integration.

Custom fields

Create custom fields to track unique contact information, like t-shirt size or dietary preference.

Do-it-all dashboard

Receipts & refunds

Send automatic receipts after each donation or ticket sale, and easily resend receipts or issue refunds from your dashboard.

Data hygiene

Keep your data organized and fresh with built-in data validation, contact merging, and de-duplication tools.


Build and export dynamic reports on the data you need—including campaigns, saved segments, and end-of-year giving.

Turn contacts into connections

Givebutter's donor management tools are just one part of an all-in-one nonprofit solution. You can also embed signup forms on your website to grow your contact list effortlessly and then use built-in nonprofit marketing tools to send personalized emails, texts, letters, and more to any donor segment—all from the same dashboard.

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Huge value, zero cost

Givebutter is free, forever

When you sign up for a free Givebutter account, you get full access to Givebutter’s built-in nonprofit CRM. No contact limits. No subscriptions. No hidden fees. Ever.

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The other guys

You get the idea.

Your new favorite all-in-one fundraising platform

The most-loved nonprofit software

We go beyond simply creating donor software. Our mission is to empower the changemaker in all of us. That’s why Givebutter is constantly evolving to give you the best tools to make the world a butter place.
As a result, we also consistently receive the highest user satisfaction ratings on G2.

5 stars

Givebutter has many of the features you’d expect from a high-priced CRM, for free. One simple but important feature Givebutter already has is the option to get notified by email when someone donates. This enables us to send a timely thank you from our inbox without having to login to the CRM. This saves us time and brings in more money for our cause.

I think this was the first giving season, and first time using a new platform, that we didn't receive at least one complaint. Frictionless for everyone.

Melissa Amarello
Executive Director, Advocates for Snake Preservation

The trusted platform of choice for 
50K+ world-changing nonprofits

Integrate with your favorite platforms

Keep everything running smoothly with the help of our ready-made integrations. Givebutter integrates with more than 1,000 different apps, so you can enjoy a seamless experience across your favorite tools.

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Switching from another CRM?

Migrate in minutes, not months

Bring all of your historical data with you when you switch to Givebutter's nonprofit CRM software. Our easy-to-use templates make importing data smooth as butter, allowing you to build on your success immediately rather than starting from scratch or waiting for a data transfer.

  • Transactions
  • Recurring donations
  • Contacts
  • No limits, no costs

Raise funds better, faster, and for free

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Frequently asked questions

Givebutter is completely free, regardless of whether you have 500 or 50,000 contacts. Every nonprofit gets access to all our full suite of features when they set up their free Givebutter account—no subscriptions, hidden fees, or contracts.

Instead of charging nonprofits, Givebutter is funded by giving donors the option to make a contribution (we call it a "tip") to the platform when they donate to your nonprofit through a Givebutter fundraising campaign. Tips are completely optional and can be turned on or off at any time by any account admin, for any campaign.

Givebutter is designed for nonprofits of all sizes. Our features—including our nonprofit donor management software—all work at any scale, whether you’re a small grassroots cause or a large national nonprofit. And because it’s always free, there are no surprise cost increases as you grow.

Contact importing with Givebutter enables you to smoothly incorporate all of the necessary identifying information for your supporters (name, email, address, company, etc.), as well as any notes you may have that capture those personal details that make all the difference with donor engagement. You can even import contacts with custom fields and unlimited tags for all of your sorting and reporting needs.

Yes, you can do both! When you manually add an offline transaction, your donor will immediately receive your thank-you message and automated donation receipt. Or, you can individually or bulk import transactions with their original date without triggering any unnecessary donor communications.

In addition to supporters' contact information, transactions, notes, and tags—all of which are importable, Givebutter users can also collect any unique information from donors (like t-shirt size) with unlimited custom fields on all Givebutter donation forms, pages, and events.

You can see all of this supporter info—as well as contribution history, subscriptions, and more—at a glance in each donor's contact profile and through easy search filters.