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Best Donorbox alternatives for your nonprofit to consider

Not sure if Donorbox is right for your online fundraising? Check out the top features, pricing, and considerations of the five best Donorbox alternatives.

Rachel Ayotte
December 29, 2023
Nerd Mr Butter

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Table of contents


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Donorbox is a popular, user-friendly platform built for nonprofits looking to engage with supporters while raising funds with tools like peer-to-peer, donation forms, and even donor management.

However, Donorbox’s steep pricing and fees, limited functionality, and customer support, in comparison to some competitors, might not make it the sweetest option for everyone. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the best Donorbox competitors so you can make the right choice for your organization’s needs. 

1. Givebutter: Free, all-in-one solution 

Givebutter offers a comparable range of features to Donorbox—plus a whole lot more: auction management, marketing and engagement tools like texting and emailing, and additional modern ways to give, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo. The best part? Givebutter’s is completely free.

💰 Price: While Donorbox has a limited free option, paid plans can skyrocket past $100/month, in addition to processing and platform fees. Plus, users have to pay for important add-ons like donor migration. Givebutter, on the other hand, is completely free to use thanks to optional tips from donors. Donors can also opt-in to cover the small payment processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢ so more of your hard-earned funds go directly toward your mission.

✅ Best for: Any nonprofit that needs an all-in-one fundraising solution for events, custom campaign pages and forms, donor management, and more (without breaking the bank!).

⚖️ Our take: When it comes to feature access and price, Givebutter takes the cake. With no monthly, add-on, or hidden fees, nonprofits can rest easy knowing they’ll never have to pay to access essential fundraising tools. In comparison to Donorbox, Givebutter also ranks higher across the board in ease of use, setup, and customer service.

Raise funds better, faster, and for free

2. Bloomerang: Enterprise-level fundraising and donor management

Large, national-level nonprofits need software that can scale and handle a mountain of data without breaking a sweat. An optimal choice for these organizations is Bloomerang, a platform that serves a buffet of features—from fundraising tools like flexible payment options to event management essentials like automatic address updating.

💰 Price: Bloomerang costs $79–$1299+/month, and charges extra for additional features and support. Plus, a 1% platform fee and up to 2.2% + 30¢ in payment processing fees also apply.

✅ Best for: Nonprofits that have a big budget and need high-tech tools for managing supporters and collecting donations.

⚖️ Our take: Donorbox offers a similar range of features to Bloomerang, but for less. However, Bloomerang offers more robust donor management tools in comparison. So for nonprofits that are organizing donor relations—while raising financial support through tools like fundraising pages—Bloomerang might be a better fit. 

3. DonorPerfect: Workflow and task automation 

DonorPerfect stands out as top-notch fundraising software, particularly excelling in the realm of workflow and task automation. Meaning, nonprofits can streamline communications, events-related work, and campaign initiatives. 

💰 Price: DonorPerfect pricing requires a custom quote, with all plans starting at $99/month. Unlike Donorbox, DonorPerfect doesn’t offer a free option. 

✅ Best for: Busy organizations that want to automate their fundraising process. 

⚖️ Our take: While Donorbox and DonorPerfect are quite similar in terms of feature offerings, Donorperfect is the clear winner when it comes to task management. But, users should be aware of the potential costs associated with using the platform, which reviews note can be expensive.

4. Eventbrite: Event ticketing and promotion

Eventbrite is a versatile and user-friendly platform designed to simplify the process of managing events of all scales. From small gatherings to large conferences, Eventbrite provides a comprehensive set of tools and features that make planning and execution a breeze.

💰 Price: Eventbrite pricing ranges from $0-$29/month (for up to 25 and 100 tickets, respectively). For organizations that need unlimited ticketing, custom quotes are available. 

Eventbrite also charges ticketing fees: 3.7% + $1.79 service fee per ticket, and a 2.9% processor fee. 

✅ Best for: Organizations looking for a quick and easy solution for selling tickets and spreading the word about an event through social media or other marketing channels. 

⚖️ Our take: Eventbrite is the winner when it comes to raising awareness about an event, but it doesn't offer essential tools for managing donors, running peer to peer campaigns, or accepting recurring gifts. So while Eventbitte is a great solution for events, nonprofits will have to seek out other platforms for additional fundraising features. 

5. Silent Auction Pro: Auction management

Silent Auction Pro is a front runner in the world of auction management. Whether your nonprofit is looking to run an in-person or online auction—or a hybrid event—this platform offers all the tools you need to succeed, like bid sheets, mobile bidding, detailed reporting. 

💰 Price: Silent Auction Pro charges users $449-$899/year, a 2.9% processing fee, plus a 2% fee that’s applied to the gross proceeds from each event (capped at $3,500 for any single event). 

✅ Best for: Nonprofits looking to prioritize auctions as a key method of their fundraising strategy.

⚖️ Our take: While Silent Auction Pro is a perfect fit for nonprofits that run rely on auctions as one of their main sources of revenue, the platform’s fundraising capabilities are very limited outside of that. Donorbox, on the other hand, doesn’t provide auction management, but does offer fundraising essentials like donation forms and peer-to-peer event management. So, nonprofits that choose Silent Auction should be aware that they’ll need to seek out other software to supplement their fundraising toolkit. 

Fundraise for free with Givebutter

Donorbox offers state-of-the-art features for raising funds and making the world a better place. However, when stacked up against competitors, the platform often falls short when it comes to event and auction management, usability, price, and customer service.

Givebutter—the all-in-one fundraising platform for nonprofits—is the sweetest option on the menu. Completely free to use and baked with a full suite of tools, Givebutter melts the hearts of nonprofits everywhere with its smooth and simple functionality.

Don't just take our word for it: Here's what Darrell Smith, Pastor of Discipleship and Communications at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church, had to say about Givebutter after using Donorbox for more than a decade:

After using a combined solution of PayPal, Stripe, and DonorBox over the last 15 years, we began migrating our donors to Givebutter in 2019. The difference has been noticeable and beneficial. Givebutter has streamlined our interactions with donors, decreased our workload in processing and transferring donations, and decreased our costs. We have not experienced any downsides to Givebutter. The platform is extremely intuitive for charities and the customer service is unparalleled.

Set up your free account today and see why more and more nonprofits are making the switch to Givebutter from Donorbox.


Our editorial team sources comparison metrics directly from sites like G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, BBB, InHerSight, Comparably, Glassdoor, and more. Data gathered on December 18, 2023.

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