Non-profit vs. For-profit Crowdfunding

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Non-profit vs. For-profit Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has become a popular way for different types of organizations to raise money, which means that there is a growing number of platform options that you can use. It can be easy to get lost in all the noise, but it’s important to make sure you are going about crowdfunding the right way depending on what you are trying to raise money for.

Not For-Profit

  1. If networking is an important feature to have in your crowdfunding endeavors, Causes can be a helpful tool. By teaming up with the Brigade app, Causes connects you with other Americans that share your views so that you can build your network. They rely completely on ads to stay afloat, so you can build your Causes campaign free of charge if you don't mind putting up with the advertising.  
  2. CauseVox allows you to  customize your crowdfunding page by using HTML/CSS to embed media onto the page and really control how your campaign page is going to look. Supporters can create a page of their own and raise money for you. If you use the free option, CauseVox will take 5% of your donations.
  3. Chuffed is designed to simplify  the process of crowdfunding for nonprofits who don’t have time to get into the details of crowdfunding. You don’t  have to make an account to donate, which is proved to make donors more compelled to follow through with their donations. You keep 100% of the donations and the site provides receipts for tax deductions. But with simplicity comes limited access to additional fundraising features.


  1. Fundable is a crowdfunding site that launched in 2012 and is geared specifically towards growing business.  It not only wants to offer a place for you to get startup money, but also prioritizes education with free infographics, guides, and startup stories by businesses like Amazon, Under Armour, and Pinterest to teach you what makes these companies successful and what you can do to improve your business model. Fundable is a little different from most crowdfunding sites because it’s more geared towards helping you secure investors to share Equity or Debt rather than gaining a bunch of small donations, so the minimum donation is usually $1000.
  2. Peerbacking is one of the best options for entrepreneurs and innovators because they function both as a crowdfunding site and a consultation service. They offer Marketing and Media Production and Campaign Consulting and will promote your private offerings. They invest time in your business to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are while also helping to build a crowdfunding platform.

Even Butter

Whether you’re a nonprofit organization or for-profit startup, Givebutter  can help you raise money for your passion. We’re all about helping you give better, and our nested campaign features are particularly useful for college organizations or non-profits with many members or chapters.

Givebutter is not only the most transparent when it comes to what you and your donors pay, we also offer the lowest fees in the industry and have a strong emphasis on helping young people pursue their passions. Fees depend on which of the three fundraising tools you decide most fits your needs: Collect, Fundraise, or Tickets and Events. But the average campaign still pays only 0.5% in fees and all fees are transparent, whereas many other sites are vague and murky on how much money will come out of your pocket.

Givebutter prioritizes team fundraising in a way that no other platform does because we want to make giving fun and communal. We make it as easy as possible for you and your friends to set up one campaign for your cause, together. So whether it’s you and your close friends launching a new app or a whole community trying to raise money for Alzheimer’s research, we've got you covered.

Givebutter’s platform is so easy to use because it’s so similar to all the other social media platforms you already know and love. All your tools and analytics are combined on the user-friendly Givebutter Dashboard, so no matter what you are fundraising for, you have the resources to do it as effectively as possible. Giving should be fun, so we make our donation pages engaging and social by setting them up to mirror your Twitter or Instagram feed. A lot of other crowdfunding sites were launched over a decade ago and still have not updated their interface, but Givebutter knows how important social media is in getting the word out about your campaign and raising money, so we make sure your campaign and your social pages are compatible.

We also are dedicated to making sure you have all the tools and information you need to raise money for whatever you’re passionate about, so whether you’re an entrepreneur or activist, you can chat with us on our website with any questions you have and check out the Butter Blog for tips, tricks, and new regarding crowdfunding and fundraising.

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Written by
Sam Harton