Free fundraising for sports teams

Foster friendly competition with peer-to-peer and multi-team fundraising

Rally your supporters with outbound text blasts and Text-To-Donate

Drive more engagement with one-click social sharing and a live supporter feed

Trusted by millions of changemakers on sports teams like yours

Win big with top features

Ready to knock your fundraising goals out of the park? We’ve got modern tools that are easy to use, simple to set up and manage, and make giving downright fun.


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Team fundraising

Start a team fundraiser today to foster friendly competition and tap into your supporters' networks with unlimited teams, personalized pages, and leaderboards.

Team fundraising

Team fundraising

Empower your supporters to raise more for your cause with user-friendly tools that turn engaged communities into devoted donors.


Harness with power of text giving by enabling supporters to donate by text with Givebutter's free Text-to-Donate tools.



Create unique keywords, send and receive unlimited texts, and empower donors to give directly from their phones by texting a memorable 5-digit shortcode—all completely free with Givebutter.

Campaign updates

Keep donors invested in your progress with free campaign updates, automated milestones, and custom graphics posted right on your fundraising page.

Campaign updates

Campaign updates

Keep donors invested in your progress with custom fundraising announcements, milestones, and reminders posted right on your fundraising page and easily shared via email or text.

Our experience with Givebutter Livestream was very lively, which was really nice. It was engaging—I think that’s one of the best words to describe it. People stayed engaged, and that’s really important when you work with donors. Also, it was really easy for the team to get it up and running. Givebutter is a very friendly platform to use as an organization.
Wendy Hilliard
Founder & CEO
Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation

Givebutter can help your sports team cross the fundraising finish line

As exciting as tournaments, trips, and championships are, we understand how quickly these costs can become a major opponent. That's why we've built free tools to help you build a steady stream of funds to afford the gear, training resources, and anything else your sports team needs.

No contracts, subscriptions, or hidden fees. Just everything you need to launch fundraisers and events, use donation forms and donor management tools (CRM), and send emails and text blasts—all in one place, all completely free.

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