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10 best nonprofit auction sites to consider for your next fundraiser

Need an auction site for your next big nonprofit event? Compare the best nonprofit auction software by features, pricing, pros, cons, and more.

Rachel Ayotte
December 1, 2023
July 20, 2022
Nerd Mr Butter

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Table of contents


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An auction, whether silent or of the paddle-raising variety, can bring in big donations for charity. But anyone who's pulled one off can tell you just how much work and coordination it takes to be successful. Thanks to new online tools, silent auctions have become a much more viable option for nonprofit fundraising, taking out much of the heavy lifting and leaving the fun—and impact—intact.

Whether you're planning a silent auction that's entirely virtual, in-person, or a hybrid of the two, finding reliable nonprofit auction software will ensure that you engage more supporters and bring in more donations. We’ll walk you through the 10 best bidding apps and online auction websites for nonprofits to help you find the best fit for your next fundraiser. 

To compile this list, we've kept in mind a few must-have features that all high-quality nonprofit auction software should offer, including:

  • User-friendliness (for you and your bidders)
  • Transparent pricing 
  • Mobile bidding capacity
  • Real-time auction updates
  • Customization tools
  • Automated communication features (like text and email)
  • Responsive and accessible design
  • Data management and reporting features
  • User privacy
  • And more!

Whether your organization is looking for a one-stop event management shop or a straightforward mobile bidding platform, there are plenty of options and price ranges to choose from. Let’s dive in to the best online auction sites for nonprofits!

1. Givebutter: Best overall

Givebutter brings together everything nonprofits need to raise funds, host events, engage with supporters, and manage donor data—all for free. In fact, Givebutter’s auction software is one of very few free online auction sites out there. Known for its modern, donor-friendly design and easy back-end management, this all-in-one fundraising platform makes silent auctions run as smooth as butter.

⚡️ Key features: 

  • Unlimited auction items with full customization
  • Custom categories for optimal browsing
  • Free QR codes and downloadable bid sheets
  • Automated email and text messages with bidders
  • Seamless mobile bidding and bid notifications
  • Automatic and manual bidding options
  • Convenient luxury travel packages without the extra legwork
  • Quick checkout and item fulfillment tracking
  • Built-in event management features for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events
  • Access to 100+ other fundraising features

📱 Auction app requirements: Unlike other auction websites which require users to download an app to bid, Givebutter’s mobile-friendly auction solution lets supporters browse items, bid, scan QR codes, and receive notifications on any device—no bidding app required.

💰 Pricing: Like all of Givebutter's features, the auction solution is free thanks to Givebutter’s transparent tip-or-fee model. For users who choose to disable optional donor tips, a standard event fee of 5% (which donors can choose to cover) applies.

👍 Pros: Seamless integration with Givebutter’s full suite of free fundraising and event tools, including donor management (CRM), email marketing, and text messaging. Plus, award-winning customer service.

👎 Cons: Givebutter’s auction management software is fresh out of the oven, so it's still gaining popularity, but the nonprofits that do use this auction site love it. In fact, Givebutter was recently named #1 highest rated nonprofit auction software on G2 based on user satisfaction ratings. 

💥 Our take: Givebutter is perfect for nonprofit organizations of all sizes looking to ditch multiple, expensive fundraising tools in exchange for one easy, centralized platform.

👀 See it in action: Check out this example of a silent auction hosted on Givebutter from the Fairfield County Children’s Choir. 

Fairfield County Children's Choir donation's page on Givebutter
Fairfield County Children's Choir auction's page on Givebutter

2. OneCause: Best for nonprofits with a big budget 

OneCause is a full-suite fundraising and event management platform that offers mobile bidding auction software alongside popular features like peer-to-peer fundraising and text-to-give. OneCause is trusted by the March of Dimes, Meals on Wheels, and other large-scale organizations.

⚡️ Key features: 

  • Mobile bidding
  • Real-time scoreboards
  • User-friendly registration and checkout
  • Ticketing and table assignments
  • Item and package management
  • Flexible sponsorship opportunities
  • Raffles and fixed-price items
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Automatic email receipts

📱 Auction app requirements: No mobile app is required. Instead, supporters access the auction page and place mobile bids by receiving a link via text.

💰 Pricing: Multiple custom pricing plans are available based on the number of features and level of support your organization needs. For pricing information, a consultation is required.

👍 Pros: OneCause offers extensive training and direct support to help users make the most of its auction experience.

👎 Cons: Users report that some backend features, like image uploading and reporting, are hard to use and glitchy. Additionally, many users state there’s little ability to customize. 

💥 Our take: OneCause outshines many charity auction sites with its best-in-class auction features and premium consulting available. However, the lack of user-friendliness and full customization, paired with a hefty price, makes this a less viable option for some organizations. 

👀 See it in action: Check out this example of a silent auction hosted on OneCause from The Eliza Hope Foundation.

The Eliza Hope Foundation Auction's page on OneCause

3. Clickbid: Best for nonprofits that need little to no customization 

Clickbid is a nonprofit auction site (used by Make-A-Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and others) that integrates with several CRMs. A “happy highway,” as Clickbid calls it, offers seamless onboarding and easy integration with the platform, so nonprofits can have peace of mind during their silent auction.

⚡️ Key features:

  • Automated communication with donors
  • Volunteer tools
  • Self-registration
  • Recurring giving options
  • Event landing pages
  • Concurrent event capabilities

📱 Auction app requirements: No mobile app is required. Supporters can check in, check out, and bid from the web on their mobile devices. 

💰 Pricing: ClickBid’s pricing is based on feature access. The full suite package, which gives users access to all their features plus direct customer support and livestreaming capabilities, is $2,295 per year.

👍 Pros: A highly-rated checkout process, user-friendly bidding interface, and CRM integrations make ClickBid a comprehensive nonprofit auction software solution.

👎 Cons: ClickBid is not as customizable as other bidding sites.

💥 Our take: By and large, users seem quite happy with this software. Though it isn’t as customizable as other options on the market, it’s a strong option for organizations that hold multiple auctions a year and need a quick solution.

👀 See it in action: Check out this example of a silent auction hosted on Clickbid from the Forgotten Harvest.

Auction Preview page on Clickbid

4. ReadySetAuction: Best for in-person donor management

Another cloud-based, end-to-end event management system, ReadySetAuction covers all the bases from RSVPs and meal selections to auction donation tracking and post-event reporting. With safe and secure usability, ReadySetAuction is a go-to solution for many nonprofits.

⚡️ Key features: 

  • Ready-to-print auction materials
  • Donation tracking
  • Ability to combine donations into baskets
  • Up to 50 backend users
  • Email and print donor receipts
  • Risk-free auction items

📱 Auction app requirements: No mobile bidding app is required, but supporters can browse and bid on items, make a donation, and check out from their mobile devices.

💰 Pricing: Pricing plans range from $1,099 to $1,999 per year. Each package includes unlimited nonconcurring events for one year, unlimited bids, online resources, and email support.

👍 Pros: No hidden charges.

👎 Cons: You are only allowed to run one event at a time. Additionally, many donors report frustration with account creation, which is required to view and bid on items. 

⭐️ Best for: The price point makes this software ideal for organizations with a robust budget that hold multiple in-person, seated fundraisers every year.

💥 Our take: For organizations that need help streamlining tickets, meals, and seating for their live auctions—and don’t want to worry about any hidden fees—ReadySetAuction is a robust option. 

👀 See it in action: Check out this example of a silent auction hosted on ReadySetAuction from the S.A.F.E. Place.

Auction categories and items on ReadySetAuction's catalog

5. Qgiv: Best for large nonprofits 

Qgiv is a highly customizable silent auction solution that allows nonprofit users to accept online donations, set up text giving, and manage table assignments. Plus, it integrates with popular CRM and email solutions such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more.

⚡️ Key features: 

  • Multiple bidding capabilities (swipe to bid and bid via QR code)
  • Auction item watchlist
  • Unlimited auctions
  • Automated push notifications
  • Pre-built and custom backend reports
  • Custom ticketing (discounts, promo codes, and more)
  • In-person attendee information gathering

📱 Auction app requirements: Qgiv does have a dedicated app for mobile bidding. Supporters can also visit the auction page on their mobile devices if they prefer to not download an app.‍

💰 Pricing: Qgiv’s base package is $25 per month. Auction capabilities cost an additional $259 per month. Other features, such as text giving and peer-to-peer fundraising, come with their own monthly fees. 

👍 Pros: All pricing plans include unlimited donation forms, events, customer support, and backend users. Plus, Qgiv offers lots of customization and integrations with other platforms.

👎 Cons: Costs for additional fundraising features can add up quickly.

💥 Our take: For many fundraisers, Qgiv will land high on the list of best auction sites. However, paying for extra features like auctions, text giving, and peer-to-peer fundraising can become expensive for small to mid-sized nonprofits.

👀 See it in action: Check out this example of a silent auction hosted on Qgiv from the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota.

Auction Items on Qgiv

6. Auctria: Best for small nonprofit auctions 

Auctria offers event and auction management features that get into the nitty-gritty details that other platforms often overlook. Users report being especially satisfied with this nonprofit auction software’s ease of use, customer service, and vast feature selection compared to competitors.

⚡️ Key features: 

  • Real-time auction monitoring
  • Streamlined inventory management
  • Detailed donor tracking
  • “Buy now” options for bidders
  • Sponsorship selling 
  • Raffles

📱 Auction app requirements: Auctria does offer an app for mobile bidding. Supporters can also access the auction page on their mobile devices if they’d rather not download an app.

💰 Pricing: Pricing plans are based on an organization’s revenue. Nonprofits that make $10K or less a year, and expect no more than 250 bidders per event, might be well-suited for the free plan. Above that, organizations must pay between $350 to $700 a year for access to their services. 

👍 Pros: Small organizations can access many popular auction fundraising features for free.

👎 Cons: Auctria’s bidding interface is not as user-friendly or intuitive as some of its competitors. Many users complain about the bidder experience being confusing, especially at checkout. 

💥 Our take: Auctria is an affordable option for small nonprofits looking to run auction-only events. However, mid-sized or large nonprofits might struggle with the software’s reporting and event management features as well as the checkout process.

👀 See it in action: Check out this example of a silent auction hosted on Auctria from the Bangor Symphony Orchestra.

Auction items on Auctria

7. Silent Auction Pro: Best for in-person event management

Silent Auction Pro is a comprehensive nonprofit auction software and event management platform with ticketing, seating, mobile bidding, and marketing capabilities for every kind of auction.

⚡️ Key features: 

  • “Paddle Raise” for in-person and online bidders
  • Drag-and-drop seating management
  • Virtual confetti drop to celebrate fundraising goals
  • Custom ticketing
  • Text-to-give
  • Event summaries and reporting 
  • Automated “out-bid” notifications

📱 Auction app requirements: No mobile app is required. Supporters can bid from any mobile device, even if they don’t have a smartphone.  

💰 Pricing: Pricing plans range from $449 to $899 per year. The most expensive packages offer hybrid, in-person, and virtual auction capabilities. All packages include an additional fee of 2% of auction proceeds (caps at $2,000 per event) plus 1% of ticket proceeds.

👍 Pros: Users praise Silent Auction Pro’s ease of use and simplicity.

👎 Cons: There’s an extra cost to import data, and some of the Silent Auction Pro interfaces can feel a bit outdated.

💥 Our take: Silent Auction Pro boasts an impressive list of auction and event management features at a smaller price tag than many of its competitors. It’s a great choice for nonprofits that hold multiple in-person auctions per year.

👀 See it in action: Check out this example of a silent auction hosted on Silent Auction Pro from the platform’s demo account.

Auction bidding page on Silent Auction Pro

8. Accelevents: Best for multi-faceted virtual events 

Accelevents (which boasts big-name users like TedX and Amazon) is a large-scale event management platform that offers add-ons for several fundraising event features, including silent auctions, text-to-give, raffles, fund-a-need, and online donations.

⚡️ Key features: 

  • Online and text message bidding
  • Custom reminders and push notifications 
  • Integrated livestreaming and gamification for events
  • Breakout rooms for online events
  • In-depth event ROI tracking

📱 Auction app requirements: Accelevents offers the mobile option of bidding and donating through texting—no app required.

💰 Pricing: Each auction costs $499, plus an extra $1 per bidder. Additional fundraising and event features each have their own pricing (e.g., text-to-give is $49 per month).

👍 Pros: Users have been impressed with Accelevents' virtual event engagement features and exceptional tech support.

👎 Cons: Some customers have reported a lack of transparency in the final pricing.

💥 Our take: If you're running a multi-faceted in-person, virtual, or hybrid event like a multi-day conference or summit, Accelevents may be just what your'e looking for. But for silent auctions and core fundraising features, you can do more for a lot less with other platforms.

👀 See it in action: Check out this example of a silent auction hosted on Accelevents from the Mountain Allowance.

Auction items on Accelevents

9. BiddingOwl: Best for the basics

BiddingOwl provides free online auction management software for nonprofits who want to host fully virtual, hybrid, or in-person silent auctions. While it has a slightly outdated look and feel, the platform offers the core features needed for a smooth-running auction, including unlimited auction items and easy self-service checkout for bidders.

⚡️ Key features: 

  • Custom auction webpages
  • Mobile bidding 
  • Text and email notifications for bidders
  • Printed bid sheets for in-room bidding
  • Featured sponsorships and sponsor ads

📱 Auction app requirements: None.

💰 Pricing: This online auction platform is free to use but comes with a 5% performance fee on winning bids, plus transaction fees from their integrated PayPal checkout process (which starts at 2.9%).

👍 Pros: BiddingOwl gives you the option to allow pre-bidding on your auction items to create some buzz before your event begins. 

👎 Cons: As the name suggests, BiddingOwl is an auction site—only. This platform doesn’t integrate with third-party apps outside of PayPal, so all of your event ticketing, email marketing, and donor follow-up must be done externally, which can take up lots of extra time and get unnecessarily complicated. 

💥 Our take: Organizations looking for a site to host their online charity auction will find functional, reliable silent auction tools at BiddingOwl. But if you want to save time and easily integrate your auction events with your donor management and engagement tools, more feature-packed free online auction sites may be worth exploring. 

👀 See it in action: Check out this example of a silent auction hosted on BiddingOwl from A House for ME.

Auction items on BiddingOwl

10. eBay for Charity: Best for ongoing charity selling

For nonprofits that would like to turn quality, donated goods into ongoing proceeds, eBay offers Charity Seller capabilities. With eBay Charity Sellers, nonprofits can auction off donated goods and receive direct payments.

⚡️ Key features: 

  • Special ribbon added to listings to indicate charity status
  • Option to invite supporters to sell items on behalf of your organization
  • A huge audience of over 159 million buyers
  • Easy registration and account setup

📱 Auction app requirements: eBay offers a mobile app that anyone can download to bid on your charity items or sell items on behalf of your organization, but it's not a requirement to join in the fun.

💰 Pricing: Charity Sellers pay a final value fee of 2% of your total sale amount, plus $0.30 per order. Other standard eBay listing or subscription fees may also apply. 

👍 Pros: Organizations can register their nonprofit to receive donations through community selling and checkout donations, regardless of how many items they personally list to sell.

‍👎 Cons: You can't meaningfully engage your new donors from eBay’s platform.

💥 Our take: For nonprofits that receive lots of in-kind donations or don’t want to host a full-on auction event, eBay for Charity can passively facilitate some donations. But without the features for donor engagement built-in, it may become just another platform to manage without a long-term payoff.

👀 See it in action: Check out this example of a silent auction hosted on eBay from the Evergreen Goodwill of Northwest Washington.

Seattle Goodwill's auction items on Charity Seller

The best online auction sites: Which one is right for you?

Every event is unique—that’s why choosing the best auction site for your nonprofit takes careful consideration. When assessing the right online auction site for your charity, be sure to consider what features you need, what your budget is, and what kind of support your team might require. 

Whether you’re looking to host a hybrid silent auction, or a completely virtual event, with Givebutter’s free auction solution, nonprofits can create a custom, one-of-a-kind event that makes giving fun for everyone. 

Set up your dream silent auction

Ready to learn more about Givebutter’s free, all-in-one fundraising solution? Sign up today and get started in minues.


Our editorial team sources comparison metrics directly from sites like G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, BBB, InHerSight, Comparably, Glassdoor, and more. Data gathered in May 2023.
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